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Bachelor's Degree in Communication

Our Program

The Communication curriculum provides valuable pathways to occupations such as public relations, journalism, government service, and many others that rely on presentation and writing skills. Both of our bachelor's degrees prepare our majors for the communication demands of social and professional life through a broad-based liberal arts program studying the nature, processes, and effects of messages.

Communication students learn by doing: our coursework provides them with opportunities to conduct social media campaigns, create public relations campaigns for community groups, publish news stories in The Correspondent (IU Kokomo’s student newspaper), and engage in public events like debates and interviewing workshops. All of our students complete internships, which create excellent opportunities to learn on-the-job and to network with employers.

Students tailor the degree to their interests and career goals by choosing a concentration area, including Public Relations, Journalism, and Public Communication.

Bachelor of Science Degree

Students who complete the Bachelor of Science degree will have broad knowledge of communication in a variety of written and oral formats within the academic discipline and related professions. The Bachelor of Science differs from the Bachelor of Arts by adding more coursework in the discipline. It will also require students to take a related minor.


Plan your career path by choosing one of the following concentrations:

Public Communication

The Public Communication concentration focuses on developing students’ presentational skills and is designed to prepare them for careers in business, government, marketing, sales, advertising, speech writing, and other careers in which oral and written communication skills are essential. Courses include Argumentation and Debate and Political Communication.


The Journalism concentration develops student writing, editing, layout and video/photography skills, teaching students the journalism basics of reporting and editing. Students are encouraged to combine their understanding of core skills in the profession with online media and their own unique interests to better prepare them for a market which demands great breadth and sensitivity to the intersections between social issues, human nature and technology. Courses include Reporting, Writing and Editing, and Social Media Campaigns.

Public Relations/Corporate Communications

The Public Relations/Corporate Communications concentration prepares students to strategically manage communication resources for both profit and nonprofit organizations. Coursework prepares students to enhance a corporation’s image and reputation, monitor and resolve its issues, and influence relevant attitudes and opinions, in efforts to adapt the organization to its environment and the environment to the organization. Courses include Public Relations Writing and Public Relations Campaigns.


Mission and Goals

The bachelor's degrees in Communication prepare individuals for the communication demands of social and professional life through a broad-based liberal arts program studying the nature, processes, and effects of messages. The degrees also prepare students to communicate in varied channels and contexts of contemporary communication, analyze communication messages of multiple forms and styles, communicate ethically, and employ the theory and methods of the field while appreciating the history and content of the discipline.

Also offered in Communication

The foundation you need to succeed

Alumnus with communication arts degree wins two Emmys
A communication arts degree from Indiana University Kokomo prepared Shane Simmons for career success – including winning two Mid-America Emmy Awards. Simmons, A.S. ’11. B.S. ’13, teamed with photographer Jacob Nice, earning honors on Saturday (October 1) for best sports feature and a human-interest story created at WQAD News 8, in Moline, Illinois.
College degree offers student new mid-life opportunities
Tom Cassidy had no idea what he would do after an injury ended his career as a machinist. With little education after high school, he saw few opportunities available. “It was probably the most sobering moment I’ve had in my life,” he said. “I never gave a thought to not having any other options. I remember sitting on my couch saying, ‘What the heck am I going to do now?’”
International travel inspires student to make a difference
A trip to a beach on the other side of the world helped Carolina Anaya Pico see the impact one person can make on global issues. While visiting England with the Indiana University Kokomo Innovation Symposium, Karla Stouse, who leads the program, showed her how the rise in tourism means the once-pristine sands now harbors trash left behind by those who visit.
Accessibility Center helps senior cope with struggles
A suggestion from a teacher early in Karah Wray’s first year at Indiana University Kokomo gave her the boost she needed to earn her degree. After she failed a folklore test, Karah met with Carol Garber, her instructor, to try to figure out what happened. “I was about to cry,” she said. “As a freshman, you think ‘I just flunked my first test, I’m going to flunk out of school.’
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