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What Can You Do with a Criminal Justice and Homeland Security Degree? 

Whether you’ve dreamed of being a police officer since you were a kid or have recently been moved to get involved in the field, there are all kinds of careers and opportunities for those with a criminal justice and homeland security degree. The Department of Criminal Justice and Homeland Security will prepare you for life after graduation both inside and outside the classroom. During your time in this program, you’ll gain all kinds of vital skills employers are looking for, making opportunities and career paths abound! Possible careers include:

  • Security officer
  • Forensic science technician
  • State trooper
  • FBI/CIA agent or analyst
  • Immigration/customs enforcement agent
  • Postal inspector
  • Crime scene investigator
  • Fish and game warden
  • Court clerk
  • Paralegal

If continuing your studies beyond a four-year degree is your goal, our program is a great option! Our experienced professors will provide you with the solid foundation, skills, and knowledge you need to continue on to graduate programs of all kinds. With a degree in criminal justice and homeland security, you can go on to study criminal justice further, public affairs, criminology, social work, sociology, and even law school.

In today’s competitive marketplace, employers are looking for both education and experience. In the Department of Criminal Justice and Homeland Security, you’ll gain both in-class and real-world experience to make your resume really stand out among the other applicants. In this program you’ll be able to gain all kinds of experience in the field and in your community through student organizations, internship experiences, and research projects.

Sound like something you’d like to be a part of?

If you’re dreaming of keeping your fellow citizens safe and improving your community, don’t wait to get started on your degree in criminal justice and homeland security at IU Kokomo! You can take the first step by speaking with an admissions counselor today! If you’d like more information on possible career paths utilizing this degree, we also offer career counseling services at the Career and Accessibility Center for students, alumni, and community members. 

Last updated: 10/26/2018