Payroll Information
  • Kuali Time is the system that Indiana University uses to collect time and attendance data for our overtime eligible employees.  We have documentation and training related to using the system for both our payroll processors and supervisors as well as our end users.
  • ePTO  is the electronic system that professional, exempt employees (PAE) use to record actual time-off taken on a monthly basis and submit that record to their supervisor for review and approval. It also offers functionality to record future planned time-off throughout the year.
  • Pay Date Schedules can be found here for Bi-weekly and Monthly paid employees. 

Direct Deposit is mandatory for all employees of Indiana University

To set up your direct deposit go to and sign in. Within "Employee Center," visit payroll & tax to enter your banking information and make any changes to your tax information.

    • Once you set up your direct deposit, the online system allows you to make modifications as needed to your direct deposit account(s).

Please contact us with any questions.