Transcript for Honors Program video

“Hanna Bourne is up to the challenge.”

Hannah is shown in the midst of a discussion in a classroom.

(Hannah sits in a classroom)

“She’s looking for an edge on grad school…”

Students are seated in a circle with their professor.

“…And her future career.” (Presenting to students?)

Hannah works on researching and organizing in the archives on campus.

(Hannah works in an archival room)

“As an Honors student, she’ll travel to Europe…”

A map shows the travel route from IU Kokomo to Europe.

(A map of Europe is displayed)

“… to study WW2 History.”

Stock video of scenes from World War Two are shown including marching troops and bombs dropping.

(Stock footage displays images of Winston Churchill, bombs dropping and planes flying)

“She’ll take enhanced classes for honors credit.”

Hannah is seated at a table during a class lecture and discussion.

“Work closely with faculty.”

Hannah works with a professor in his office.

“Present research at student conferences.”

Hannah is shown researching and working in the archives. She is then shown presenting a poster at a student conference.

“And take challenging classes…”

Hannah smiles in a classroom during a class.

“… as part of her honors colloquia.”

A professor writes on the board.

“All the extra work looks great…”

Hannah and a professor walk together down a hallway.

“…when applying for jobs or grad school.”

Hannah works in the archives.

“Looking for your path to success?”

Hannah puts on her commencement gown.

“Apply for the Honors Program today!”

Hannah walks in her cap and gown down a hallway towards the camera.

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