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Past Exhibitions

A Sports Collector's Dream: A Walk Through Baseball & Basketball History

  • November 2018
  • Are you a sports enthusiast? Do you enjoy looking back on former players, their stats and memorabilia? Then this first-ever sports exhibition will be right up your alley. Join us as you take a walk through baseball and basketball history. You’ll find some Indiana players in the mix as well!

100 for 100 Exhibition

100 for 100 Exhibit postcard
  • September, October 2018
  • 100 for 100, you'll have the opportunity to play an integral role in our goal to update the entrance to the Art Gallery by purchasing a work of art for $100. With 100 artistic selections to choose from in a variety of mediums - from sculptures, to paintings, to drawings, to metal work, and more - there will be a perfect piece for you.

Semi-Annual Faculty Exhibition

Semi-Annual Faculty Exhibition postcard
  • August, September 2018
  • Join us as we host our talented IU Kokomo Faculty in our Semi-Annual Faculty Exhibition. This exhibition will give students and the community an up-close look at the creative works of IU Kokomo’s NMAT faculty.

High School Exhibition

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  • May, June 2018
  • Juniors and Seniors from 14 high schools within our region will have their works on display in a variety of mediums.

Senior Exhibition

Senior Exhibition
  • April, May 2018
  • The New Media, Art, & Technology (NMAT) Senior Exhibition disseminates the fine art, new media, and design work of the graduating senior class. This highly anticipated event— planned and installed entirely by the exhibiting students—features painting, mixed media, photography, illustration, and graphic design. Please join us!

Student Exhibition

Student Exhibition
  • March, April 2018
  • Help the IU Kokomo Art Gallery in the Kelley Student Center raise funds to provide state-of-the-art gallery experience and present outstanding exhibits for IU Kokomo students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community members for years to come.

Raw Exhibition

Raw Exhibition
  • February, March 2018
  • Raw features work with a focus on auto-biographical personal expression. Behind each piece, is a unique story, exposing part of the artist’s life. The works challenge ideas about what should be kept private versus shared publicly, question the nature of intimacy, and reveal and heal trauma through the art process. Visit this exhibition to share in the confessions, revelations, and catharses of these talented artists from all over the United States.

Midwest Sculpture Exhibition

Midwest Sculpture Exhibition
  • November, December 2017
  • Please join us as we host the Midwest Sculpture Exhibition. A variety of sculptures from Kansas, West Virginia, Indiana, Texas and many other states will be on display in our campus gallery. This is an exhibit you won’t want to miss.

A Retrospective Exhibition

A retrospective Exhibition
  • September, October 2017
  • As an art student, a teacher, and a professional artist, he has always drawn and painted the human figure. His current work asks us, the viewer, to participate in a game of figurative hide and seek between the physical and spiritual represented in the muses and graces in hermetic philosophy.

Rise Above Exhibition

High School Exhibit
  • June, July 2017
  • Rise Above: Art Therapy Gives Voice to Addiction Recovery features mixed-media art created by incarcerated youth and IU Kokomo student interns during a 12-week Art Therapy group at Logansport Juvenile Correctional Facility.

High School Exhibition

High School Exhibit
  • May, June 2017
  • Viewed the work of area high school juniors and seniors

Senior Exhibition

Senior Exhibition
  • April, May 2017
  • Symbolic of the newly merged program of New Media, Art, and Technology, seniors from New Media and Fine Arts exhibit together for the first time in the Senior Exhibition. Works in a wide variety of materials and media will be exhibited.
  • Students included: Debbie Bell, Jennifer Blocker, Breanna Cogswell, Owen Fishback, Brielle Griffith, Kaley Harness, Libby Kimbrough, Daniela Macias, Briana McKinley, Tucker Metcalf, Charity Musselman, Adam Nelson, Anthony Pickett, Sarah Swoverland, Robert Trlak, Sandra Villafana, Aurielle Williams, and Spencer Wilson.

Student Exhibition

Student Exhibition
  • March, April 2017
  • Join us in the Art Gallery to view the work created by our students this academic year. There are several different levels of work that showcase various mediums such as paintings, drawings, ceramics, digital, mixed media, and graphic design.

POLESTAR Exhibition

POLESTAR Exhibition
  • February, March 2017
  • POLESTAR is defined as a directing principle or a center of attention. Harnessing our attention upon the smallest of things found in nature can have results that are miraculous, empowering and inspiring. Guided by the principles of nature, we can move beyond distractions to truly see what is right in front of us, reestablishing our connection in the present moment. This exhibition is an experience, inviting the viewer to pause and see the unseen.

Misch Kohn Exhibition

Misch Kohn Exhibition
  • November, December 2016
  • From humble beginnings in Kokomo, Misch Kohn built a career as a pioneer in printmaking, with his work exhibited in galleries and museums worldwide. Indiana University Kokomo Art Gallery hosted Misch Kohn: Beyond the Tradition, a retrospective that incorporates work spanning his 60-year career, including student works never before exhibited publicly. The exhibition, which commemorates the 100th anniversary of the artist’s birth. The exhibition was produced thanks to generous donations provided by the Cherry Family Foundation, the Richard Florsheim Fund, the Waletzky Charitable Lead Trust, and an anonymous donor. It was also funded by the IU Kokomo Exhibitions and Gallery Fund, created by generous donors to IU.

Faculty Exhibition

Faculty Exhibition
  • September, October 2016
  • Join us as we host our talented IU Kokomo Faculty in the Faculty Exhibition 2016. There will be a variety of mediums displayed throughout this exhibit, including an interactive exhibit on opening night.

Addiction the Exhbition

Addiction the Exhibition
  • August 2016
  • Can art be a source of resilience against addiction? The faculty at IU Kokomo along with the Logansport Juvenile Correctional Facility believe that to be true. Together, IU Kokomo students and students at LJCF have created artwork that allowed us to see just a small piece of their journey with addiction. This exhibit had over 30 pieces on display.

21st Annual High School Exhibition

21st Annual High School Exhibition
  • May, June 2016
  • The Art Gallery celebrated our Annual High School Exhibition. Viewed the work of area high school juniors and seniors.

Fine Arts Alumni Exhibition

Fine Arts Alumni Exhibition
  • April, May 2016
  • We celebrated our fine arts alumni in our first-ever Alumni Exhibition. It was exciting to see these amazing artists still hard at work. Featured in this exhibition are Stephanie Britton, B.F.A '11; Jeni Singleton, B.F.A '11; Nicole Ingalls, B.F.A '14; Tarja Harney, B.F.A '12; Lori Brubaker, B.F.A '16; Dusti Speight, B.F.A '14; and Biz Bates, B.F.A '15.

Student Exhibition

Student Exhibition
  • March, April 2016
  • The Student Exhibition showcased the work that our IU Kokomo Students had been creating within the academic year. There were several different levels of work that showcased various mediums such as painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, jewelery, metal work, ceramics, digitial, mixed media, and graphic design.

Harmony Exhibition

Harmony Exhibit
  • Feb, March 2016
  • Harmony, within this word there is no strong or weak side. In harmony, separate parts complement one another without destroying the opposing party. The Harmony exhibition is one that should not be missed! This exhibition has a variety of mediums; drawings, sculpture, interactive pieces, and much more. It will also exhibit the marriage of a variety of music and visual art. The music that inspired the work displayed ranges from thrash metal and pop music to Japanese Taiko drum music and Buddhist chanting. Harmony exudes dierent cultures and experiences. Be sure to stop by and see the art behind the music.

Anachronisms Exhibition

Anachronisms Exhibition
  • Nov, Dec 2015
  • Reagan Furqueron and William Potter, both professors at the Herron School of Art and Design, will be exhibiting their sculpture and paintings in a two-person exhibition in the IU Kokomo Gallery. Reagan Furqueron trained as a furniture designer, and William Potter trained as a painter. Both pull from and subvert the language of their disciplines. Their work feels emblematic as if it has been lifted out of the context while still referring to the works origin. There are references within the work to abstraction, craft, and gesture. 

FOLKLORE Exhibition

Folklore Exhibition
  • September 2015
  • FOLKLORE is the unwritten story of a family told through their art. Over the years, the Bayer house has always been a creative hub. There was constant brainstorming and sharing of vision feeding off the other. The web of creativity quickly spun outwards, through the neighborhood...sparking artfulness among kith and kin. Like a diary, their art continues to tell the story of their creative journey.

20th Annual Highschool Exhibition

20th Annual High School Exhibition postcard
  • Summer 2015
  • Art work from area High School Junior & Seniors

BFA Exhibition

BFA Exhibit postcard
  • April, May 2015
  • Join us in the Art Gallery to view the work of four outstanding BFA students. Cat Bolinger, Lori Brubaker, Abby Workman and Abby White have been creating artwork using the many skillsets learned throughout their academic careers here at IU Kokomo. Students in the BFA Program explore numerous art media, providing them with experiences in painting, drawing, printmaking and sculpture just to name a few. 

2015 Annual Student Exhibition

Student Exhibition
  • April 2015
  • Art work created from IU Kokomo Studetns within academic year. There were several different levels of work that showcased various mediums such as painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, jewelery, metal work, ceramics, digital, mixed media, and graphic design.
Last updated: 12/19/2018