Intern Spotlight

IU Kokomo Art Gallery Intern Mary Ade

Mary Ade

Ade, a junior at IUK majoring in fine arts, is in her second year of interning for the art gallery.

“It’s a great opportunity to learn how to create art shows, meet new artists, picking our certain art pieces with a theme in mind, and being exposed to new responsibilities,” Ade said. “It’s a good way to network out and make new connections that could be useful for my future career. I love this internship.”

Ade hopes after this year’s internship is over she’ll have more knowledge about art, about how artists convey the same message with their own techniques, and about how to better communicate with her own art.

Ade’s mother was an artist, so she grew up learning different art techniques, which first inspired her. She always thought art was just a hobby until she came to college, then realized that art was the only thing that made sense to her and doing anything else would be untruthful to herself.

Ade’s art is more conceptual. While working more with sculptures, her art focuses more on women and their bodies; how they’re viewed and treated in certain societies.

“Some people say that my art makes them feel uncomfortable, since it’s not shown a lot. Not all art needs to be comfortable. Uncomfortable or confusing art allows the viewers to learn more about that certain topic and makes them see the issue I’m trying to convey.” said Ade.

IU Kokomo New Media Intern Elyse Younger

Elyse Younger

Younger is a senior at IU Kokomo with a major in graphic design. She started the internship near the end of last spring semester.

One of Younger’s favorite tasks about the internship is being able to design the postcards for the gallery because it gives her the opportunity to practice what she wants to do in her future career.

Younger hopes the internship will give her more projects to list in her portfolio. She also hopes to learn how to get tasks done in a specific way while seeing the steps involved in producing a product.

“I wanted to do the new media internship for the art gallery due to the fact that it was on campus; it was a more comfortable and understanding workplace for starting out as a graphic designer,” Younger said. “This will help my career because I see what is really involved and how many people can really get involved in the process of printing a piece.”

Some of Younger’s duties as an intern include being in charge of designing the postcards that are sent out before each art exhibit, designing awards, assisting to hang the art pieces properly, and being present for the gallery openings.