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Intern Spotlight

IU Kokomo Social Media Intern Kim Anderson

Kim Anderson

Kim Anderson, 22, is a New Media, Art and Technology major interning at the IU Kokomo Art Gallery.

“I wanted to use this experience to get closer with the community,” Kim said. “Exposure for the gallery is my number one goal here. To get that exposure, people have to become aware to how much art means to the community.”

Kim is heading the social media aspect of the Art Gallery, and she plans to minor in that field. After graduation, Kim hopes to move to Colorado and work on identity, branding and exposure for brewing companies. “The experience that I’ll get from working in the gallery will help with my career later on,” Kim said.

Kim’s favorite artist is Nanami Cowdroy, a painter working out of Australia.

IU Kokomo New Media Intern Alissa Krieg

Alissa Krieg

Alissa Krieg, 22, is a Fine Arts major with a minor in Art History and is the graphic design intern at the IU Kokomo Art Gallery. “I want to change it up,” Alissa says.

“I want to give the school exhibits they have never seen before. That’s what gets exposure.”

Experience working in art exhibits is a priority for Alissa. “Working with the community is definitely high on my list” she says. Alyssa would like to use that experience to one day work for Wizards of The Coast, a publisher of board games such as Dungeons and Dragons and Magic: The Gathering.

Alissa’s favorite artist James Gurney, an illustrator and author best known for his book Dinotopia.

IU Kokomo Curating Artist Intern Erica Teter

Erica Teter

Erica Teter, 21, is a Graphic Design major with a minor in Criminal Justice. She is the curator intern at the IU Kokomo Art Gallery.

“I am definitely doing this for the challenge,” Erica says. “I want the experience and wantto see what it’s all about.”

Erica hopes to showcase local talents from around Kokomo, particularly the work of tattoo artists, which is the career path she hopes to follow. “Tattoos are art too, and I think a lot of people don’t give artists the credit they deserve.”

Erica’s favorite artist is David Stoupakis, a surrealist painter who has worked on cover art for different bands.

Last updated: 09/11/2018