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Debt Management

Managing your money is important to everyone.  We want all of our students, undergraduate, and graduate, to become educated borrowers.  

Check out Mapping Your Future, for undergraduates: "Determine how you'll pay for college" or "Prepare for college." For graduate students:, "Manage your undergraduate student loans" or "Find other careers, college, and financial aid resources in your state."

How about 40 Money Management Tips Every College Student should know (copies available in our office).

Look into Cash Course, a National Endowment for Financial Aid. The cash course web site is designed to help college students and campuses regardless of where you are.  Money management skills, financial planning are necessary for all individuals especially college students.  GAIN your financial independence. Click on the button to go to IU Kokomo's web page at Cash Course.

Other sources available are:

  • There is a dedicated governmental website: "" that twenty federal agencies and bureaus have joined in an effort to help teach all Americans about financial literacy and education.
  • Consumer Credit which has several pages of information including debt management  (there is a small fee and monthly maintenance fee with this program)
  • Making College More Affordable, the Education Finance Council on financial literacy
Last updated: 09/20/2018