Professional Works

Selected Recent Publications (* indicates an undergraduate author)

Bultman, T. L., A. Aguilera*, and T. J. Sullivan. 2012. Influence of fungal isolates infecting Tall Fescue on multitrophic interactions. Fungal Ecology 5:372-378.

Bultman, T. L., A. Leuchtmann, T. J. Sullivan, and A. Dreyer*. 2011. Do Botanophila flies provide reproductive isolation between two species of Epichloë fungi? A field test. New Phytologist 190:206-212.

Sullivan, T. J., A. Dreyer*, and J. Peterson. 2009. Genetic variation in a subterranean arthropod (Folsomia candida) as a method to identify low-permeability barriers in an aquifer. Pedobiologia 53:99-105.

Sullivan, T. J. and S. H. Faeth.  2008.  Local adaptation in Festuca arizonica infected by hybrid or non-hybrid Neotyphodium endophytes.  Microbial Ecology  55:697-704.

Sullivan, T. J., J. Rodstrom*, J. Vandop*, J. Librizzi*, C. Graham*, C. L. Schardl, T. L. Bultman.  2007.  Symbiont-mediated changes in Loliumarundinaceum defensive strategy:  evidence from changes in gene expression and leaf composition.  New Phytologist 176:673-679.