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Leda Casey, M.Sci

Science, Mathematics, and Informatics

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Leda Casey, M.Sci.

Lecturer of Geology
Office: SM 208
Phone: (765)-455-9453
E-mail: ledrjack@iuk.edu


Leda Casey is currently the Lecturer in Geology in the School of Science at Indiana University Kokomo. She is the primary instructor of geology and geography courses offered at IU Kokomo.  Additionally she serves as an advisor to the student organization IMPACT.

Her areas of specialization in geology included environmental geology and hydrology.  Leda earned both her B.S. and M.Sc. from IUPUI.  Her research focused on the influence of land use on water quality.   Leda completed extensive research in both Central Indiana and the Gulf Coast of Florida. 

Prior to becoming a full-time lecturer at IU Kokomo, she was employed as a staff geologist at the Indiana Department of Environmental Management and was an adjunct lecturer in the Department of Earth Sciences at IUPUI.  She has also worked in the environmental consulting industry.  While much of her academic career and professional experience has centered on the field of environmental geology, Leda has a wide range of interests in geology including paleontology, glaciology, volcanology, energy and mineral resources, as well as the scholarship of teaching and learning. 

Leda is an Indiana native, and her love of geology and geography comes from a childhood of camping in Indiana’s state parks.  In her spare time, she enjoys exploring the outdoors with her husband and two children, as she did with her parents as a child.  Her favorite Indiana State Park is Shades in Waveland, Indiana.  Students that take her Indiana Geology course get to visit the park on one of the course fieldtrips. 

Teaching Philosophy:

Leda is passionate about studying the Earth and is fascinated by the interconnectedness of all of the Earth’s millions of components and processes.   Her hope is that students in her courses will also develop an appreciation for our home planet.  

Leda’s primary goal as an educator is to equip students to take the knowledge they have gained from the classroom setting and apply it to their daily lives.   Leda uses a variety of teaching techniques to keep students engaged in course content, assess student learning, and make course content relevant.  She regularly incorporates animations, films, group activities, virtual fieldtrips, traditional fieldtrips, service learning, case studies, guest lectures, and in-class exercises into courses.

 The Geology and Geography courses at IU Kokomo attract students from a variety of backgrounds and settings.  In every class, Leda aims to build upon each student’s pre-existing body of knowledge and help them to better understand their surroundings.  She also makes every effort to be accessible to students for help with learning course content.

“I am passionate about teaching, and my ultimate goal is to see each of my students succeed.”

Below is a list of the courses Leda currently teaches at IU Kokomo.  Click on each course to learn more. 

  • Environmental and Urban Geology (G300)
  • Environmental Conservation (G315), Hybrid/Team-Based Learning Format
  • Energy: Sources and Needs (G400)
  • Freshman Learning Community (E105)
  • General Geology (G100)
  • Geology of Indiana (T312)
  • Geology of Mineral Resources (T326)
  • Geology of the U.S. (G133)
  • Physical Systems of the Environment (G107), Online Format

IU Kokomo offers a minor in Environmental and Earth Sciences if you’d like to add more environmental and earth science courses to your degree.  

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