Invited Seminars and Presentations

  • Plenary Lecture on Photoelectrochemistry at Inorganic/organic interfaces, theory and Applications. 2015. Mansura University 12th international conference on chemistry and its role in development, Sharm El-Chiekn, Egypt. Mar 16-20, 2015.
  • T.J Research Center, IBM, NY. 1991.
    • "Ion exchange and charge transport at chemically modified electrode."
  • University of Toledo, Department of Chemistry. 1990.
    • "Analytical application of chemically modified electrodes."
  • Eastern Illinous University, Department of chemistry. 1990.
    • "Chemically modified electrodes."
  • Indiana University Northwest, Department of Bio.& Phys. Sci.. 1989.
    • "Charge transfer in polymeric films."