Dr. Kasem K. Kasem has taught at the college level for more than 25 years. His activity in research and development in the field of applied electrochemistry involve:

  • Physical and analytical applications of chemically modified electrodes
  • Semiconductors' electrochemistry
  • Electrochemical behavior of polymeric thin films
  • Photoelectrochemistry of semiconductors for solar energy harvesting
  • Activation and Metallization of polymers
  • Electro-deposition of metals and alloys
  • Corrosion

His professional service record for Indiana University, particularly the Kokomo campus, as well as to the community in general, demonstrates his strong and enthusiastic belief in service. He has participated in several university councils and faculty senate committees. In all of these committees, he shared his ideas and offered suggestions that he felt might help. His service to the community in both a professional and an informative capacity demonstrates his active participation beyond the immediate parameters of IU Kokomo. In the informative capacity, Dr. K Kasem has had presentations about the history, health, social practices, and cultural traditions of Middle Eastern countries. In the professional capacity, he has been a judge of regional science fairs, had presentations of science seminars for local schools, and has arranged teaching and correspondence courses. He has also has experience in technical counseling with consultations in electroplating, corrosion, electropolymerization, and chemical analysis and analytical techniques. Dr. K Kasem has reviewed more than 100 research articles and several research proposals. He also works as an external reviewer for promotion and tenured faculty in several USA universities. 

Honors and Awards

  • IU Research Award 2014
  • IU Research Award 2009
  • The Claude Riche Excellence in Teaching Award 2000
  • Deparment of the Navy-Asee 2000
  • IU Teaching Excellence Award 1999, 1997
  • Purdue School of Science Postdoctoral 1988-1989
  • Cornell University Postdoctoral 1986-1988