Julie Saam

Julie Saam , Ph.D.

Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs for Faculty Development and Campus Assessment


Teaching Awards

  • Mack Fellowship 2005-06:The Mack Center exists to stimulate inquiry in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, to recognize, honor, and increase the influence of that scholarly inquiry, and to foster change with the underlying goal of promoting excellence in education at Indiana University, in the United States, and internationally.
  • IU Faculty Colloquium on Excellence in Teaching (FACET) Award 2006:FACET, an IU Presidential initiative, is designed both to recognize and enhance outstanding teaching throughout the IU system and to promote continued development of teaching excellence among colleagues at IU and beyond. FACET awards are presented to IU faculty members who have demonstrated their exceptional commitment to teaching and learning through areas of self-evaluation, course preparation, research, instructional skills, and student impact.
  • Trustees Teaching Award 2006 and 2013:The Board of Trustees of Indiana University established the Trustees' Teaching Award beginning with the 2000-2001 academic year. The intent of the award is to recognize the best teachers. Teaching is broadly construed and may be indicated by high student evaluations, colleague evaluations/observations, innovations in teaching, service related to teaching and teaching publications. Each spring Trustee Awards are made to honor outstanding teaching during the previous calendar year.
  • Claude Rich Excellence in Teaching Award (2008):This is the highest teaching award given to a professor on our campus, again selected by peers after careful evaluation of a dossier of a career’s worth of work related to teaching and learning.
  • P.A. Mack Distinguished Service to Teaching Award (2014):This award is an Indiana University award given through Indiana University FACET (Faculty Academy for the Excellence of Teaching), chosen by a group of FACET members, my peers, by evaluating the accomplishments of the applicant as outlined in the extensive nomination letter.
  • FACET Bender Faculty Fellowship (2012):An opportunity to work closely with FACET leadership to spearhead a project to benefit the FACET organization. My project is to develop a one-stop repository for Indiana University resources for new faculty no matter which campus one resides (currently in progress).

Course Taught - Undergraduate

  • E328 Science in the Elementary School (3 cr.)
  • E343 Mathematics in the Elementary School (3 cr.)
  • Q200 Introduction to Scientific Inquiry (3 cr.)
  • M312 Middle School Methods (3 cr.)
  • M311/M313 Lesson and Unit Planning (1 cr.)
  • S487 Secondary Curriculum (3 cr.)
  • M446 Secondary Science Methods (3 cr.)
  • M457 Secondary Mathematics Methods (3 cr.)

Courses Taught - Graduate

  • W505 VISION I (3 cr.)
  • J500 Instruction in the Context of Curriculum (3 cr.)
  • W505 Electronic Portfolio Part 1 (1 cr.)