David Hancock

David Hancock , Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Health Sciences, Health Sciences Coordinator


I teach in several areas of sport science including sport psychology, motor development/learning, sport ethics, and exercise/fitness. I'm also the faculty advisor for many Exercise and Sport Science students who are completing internships or coaching practicums.

Current Courses (Fall 2017)

  • Sport Psychology (HPER P405)
  • Motor Development (HPER P204)

Upcoming Courses (Spring 2018)

  • Motor Learning (HPER P452)
  • Special Topics (HPER P445)

Past Courses

  • Motor Learning (HPER P452)
  • Sport Ethics (HPER P402)
  • Introduction to Exercise Science (HPER P212)
  • Philosophical Foundations of Coaching (AHLT C360)
  • Fitness Assessments and Performance Appraisals (HPER F340)

Internships and Research Studies

Students, are you interested in an exercise and sport science internship or research study as part of your Bachelor of Health Sciences degree? Many opportunities exist for both of these projects. For research studies, compensation might be available through the Undergraduate Research Program. Additionally, a research project could lead to presentations at conferences in North America. Contact me via email dahancoc@iuk.edu for further details.