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Campaign for the Wellness and Fitness Center

To maintain our forward momentum, we must recruit and retain the kinds of students who will lead our region in the future-and to do that, we must offer a complete collegiate experience.

We seek $2 million in philanthropic support for a $4 million Wellness and Fitness Center. This facility will allow us to expand programs, promote the health of our students and community, and advance the region we serve.

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The new Wellness and Fitness Center will be a renovation of the un-used and under-utilized space beneath the Library.

Locating the facility in an existing space provides the opportunity to build a state-of-the-art facility with a responsible investment.

The creation of the Wellness and Fitness Center will provide opportunities to expand allied health programs, such as sports medicine and athletic training. It will also provide year-round training space for our new club sports teams, which are generating interest and enthusiasm among students and community members alike.

Most importantly, this center will help all of our students maintain good physical and mental health, which will not only support their academic success as students, but also build healthy habits for a lifetime.

What can I do at the 25,000 sq. ft. facility?

  • A jogging and walking track
  • A cardio and strength training area
  • Two multi-purpose rooms
  • A health studies classroom
  • Locker rooms
  • A reception area

"It is very exciting to know that IU Kokomo is building a new wellness and fitness center. The facility is another addition to the list of benefits that IUK has to offer. What a great investment into the lives of the students, faculty, and staff of IU Kokomo."

Lisa Weaver, B.S. '99

Why YOU are the key to making this happen

Nearly 80 percent of IU Kokomo graduates remain in the 14-county region we serve. Nurses, teachers, managers, business owners, and public and human services professionals educated at IU Kokomo are essential to the vitality and progress of the communities in which they live and work.

To lead our region forward, we need critical thinkers who can respond to the rapidly changing demands of a global economy. Therefore, we must attract and retain the highest-caliber students possible. However, in today’s ultra-competitive student recruitment market, prospective college students expect a well-rounded higher education experience. High-quality student life and co-curricular opportunities-particularly in the areas of health, wellness, and fitness-are essential ingredients of that complete collegiate experience.

A first-rate Wellness and Fitness Center at IU Kokomo will provide us with a distinct competitive advantage in recruiting and retaining the kinds of students who will advance this region for generations to come.

Not only does our region need a workforce that is well educated, it needs citizens who are healthy. In Indiana, nearly two out of every three adults are either overweight or obese-putting Hoosiers in the bottom third of the country’s least healthy states.

"There is no greater way, I think, to express appreciation for the educational opportunities we had as younger people, than to give to today’s younger people."

– Bill Hunt, Chairman Hunt Capital Partners

At IU Kokomo, we must be a leader in demonstrating to students and the community the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Many of the habits that students develop during their years here will remain with them throughout their lifetime.

Having a Wellness and Fitness Center on campus gives IU Kokomo students an opportunity to develop a commitment to good health. And with 80 percent of our graduates staying in the region, that commitment will be increasingly integrated into north central Indiana-communities-an economic and quality-of-life benefit to us all.

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What can I do to help make this happen?

IU Kokomo is committed to making our region an even better place to live-and we are on the move toward that goal. We pledge to continue enhancing our role in north central Indiana as an engine for economic development and transformation.

But the well-being of our region cannot depend on one entity alone; it requires a coalition. To sustain our collective momentum, we need partners and friends who share our commitment to continued progress.

You can be a leader in advancing our campus and our region. Indeed, contributions from alumni, community, friends, business, and government leaders are often the margin of difference in achieving excellence in campus initiatives.

Move with us as we strive for regional transformation: support the Wellness and Fitness Center at IU Kokomo.

Together, we will continue moving forward.

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Naming Opportunities

For more information on naming opportunities, please contact the Office for Advancement at or 765-455-9485.

Wellness and Fitness Center Reserved
Jogging and Walking Track $500,000
Cardio and Strength Training Area $300,000
Multi-Purpose Rooms (1 available) $50,000
Health Studies Classroom $45,000
Lobby/Reception Area $35,000
Locker Rooms (1 available) $25,000
First Aid Room Reserved
Health and Lifestyle Office Reserved

Inspire Power Giving Levels

All contributions of $100 or more will be recognized on the Donor Wall, prominently placed in the Wellness and Fitness Center!

The Power of Growth $100 - $499
The Power of Positive Thinking $500 - $999
The Power of Stamina $1,000 - $2,499
The Power of Strength $2,500 - $4,999
The Power of High Performance $5,000 - $9,999
The Power of Endurance $10,000 +

* Gifts can be spread over 5 years, providing opportunity for a more significant gift.

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