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Commencement Video 2018

Watch the IU Kokomo Commencement 2018 Video

Watch the IU Kokomo Commencement 2018 Video with Audio Description

IU Kokomo Commencement 2018 Video Transcript

IU Kokomo Commencement 2018 Video Transcript

A door decal reads, “Indiana University Kokomo, Commencement 2018.”

Flags fluttering in the breeze read, “I U Congratulations Graduates.”

People mill about at the convention center where Commencement is held.

Commencement programs are passed out.

Various colors of tassels lie on a table.

A shot of the empty room set up for the ceremony.

A student in a cap and gown speaks to the camera as visuals of graduates are shown: “The class of 2018 twenty years from now? I think that the classes I’ve been a part of seem to do great, not because of me, because of everyone I know, because of everyone I interact with. These people are actually great individuals and I think they have a lot of promise and they have a lot of impact and I think that it will be a good world; it will be a better world twenty years from now because of people like us graduating this year.

People take photos of graduates in front of the I U Kokomo backdrop and as they robe. Graduates smile, laugh, and chat with their fellow graduates. A decorated mortarboard reads, “I love the person I’ve become because I fought to become her.”

A time lapse sequence is shown of the seats being filled.

As more graduates are getting ready, the camera shows multiple mortarboard decorations reading “Off to Change the World, Thanks Mom and Dad.” Another mortarboard reads, “Don’t make me use my teacher voice, 2018.” Another reads, “Because dog mom isn’t a career.” Another reads, “Thanks Mom and Dad, IUK ’18.”

Another reads, “Bad to the bone.” Another reads, “She believed she could so she did.” The graduate wearing this mortarboard turns around and smiles at the camera.

Two more graduates turn around and smile at the camera. Two graduates and a faculty member smile and wave to the camera. Several students line up, put their arms around each other, and smile for a picture.

A student smiles and talks to a staff member. Another mortarboard reads, “Still growing strong.” Another one reads, “Goal Digger.” Graduates stand in lines and smile, yell, and wave to the camera.

Multiple graduates speak to the camera, “Making history in my family; I’m the first one to graduate.”

Another graduate speaks to the camera with a friend, “Anxious.” The friend giggles.

Two more graduates speak to the camera: “Anxious. I would say anxious.”

Another graduate speaks to the camera and smiles: “I feel excited! I feel great!”

Another graduate speaks to the camera: “Mine would be excited.”

Another graduate speaks to the camera: “Excited.”

Another graduate speaks to the camera: “Unreal.”

Another graduate speaks to the camera: “Excited.”

A group of students stand together and speak to the camera: “I’m excited.” “A lot of hard work paid off.” “Yeah!” “Surreal.” “We outta here!” They laugh.

Three students slowly spin around to smile at the camera. Two mortarboards are visible and read: “Catch you on the flippity flip” and “The Great Graduate.”

Faculty stands in a line, smiling, high fiving, and congratulating the graduates as they walk by.

A close up of a diploma holder that reads, “Indiana University.”

Bailey Troutman, Student Body President – Indiana University Kokomo delivers the Commencement speech: “May we all wake up each day and show an act of kindness to a stranger. May we smile at those we pass on the streets. May we never forget to tell those we love that we love them. May we never settle for anything less than our dreams and may we never stop working as hard as it takes to accomplish them.”

The Platform Party, Faculty, and students are shown in procession.
The grand marshal begins walking down the aisle with the ceremonial emblem. Faculty and staff begin filing in. Students begin filing in, looking for and waving to loved ones. President McRobbie and the other dignitaries file in to the ceremony and make their way to the stage.

Indiana University President, Michael A. McRobbie, delivers the Commencement speech: “I now invite those of you receiving your first college degree to move the tassels on your caps to the left side to indicate that you are truly graduates of Indiana University. Congratulations to each and every one of you.

Students move their tassels from the right to the left side of their caps as applause begins. The Chancellor hugs a graduate as they walk across the stage. The Chancellor high fives a graduate as they walk across the stage. President McRobbie awards Robert Knowling, the honorary degree recipient, with his award.

A graduate wearing a GoPro walks across the stage, giving us the first-person perspective. The graduate walks closer to the Chancellor. A mortarboard that reads, “Latina and proud” is visible from the graduate in front of the GoPro wearing graduate.

Susan Sciame-Giesecke, Chancellor – Indiana University Kokomo delivers the Commencement speech: “Today our graduates will receive an Indiana University diploma. As you can see, all of our students have worked hard to earn this prestigious degree that commands respect and instills pride. Graduates, on behalf of all the faculty and staff, we couldn’t be more proud of you. Best wishes to the class of 2018. Thank you so very much.”

The Chancellor and a graduate bump fists. The Chancellor smiles as she continues to shake hands, pass out diplomas, and congratulate the graduates. The Chancellor smiles and poses with two graduates outside the convention center. A student poses with loved ones while holding a diploma holder and flowers.

A student and loved ones chat with faculty at the reception. A group of students pose for a picture with faculty members, then stop to wave to the camera. Two students pose for a picture with a faculty member. The banner above them reads, “Congrats Graduates! We’re proud of you.”

Indiana University Kokomo, Fulfilling the Promise,

Last updated: 09/19/2018