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College Pathways

The purpose of the Transitional Pathways Program is to provide accessible, equitable postsecondary options for individuals with disabilities. The Transitional Pathways program is designed to facilitate the transition of high school students with disabilities into postsecondary education, to increase the success rate and retention of freshman students with disabilities at Indiana University Kokomo, and to improve career counseling and job placement services for students with disabilities.


College Pathways will help prepare for and facilitate the transition of students with disabilities into college and the workplace. This will be accomplished through:

  • Discussion of academic and social preparedness needed for postsecondary settings
  • Information about the college admission process and accessibility intake process for students with disabilities
  • Information about college services available to students with disabilities
  • Instruction concerning accommodations and the use of assistive technology
  • Improved understanding of the Americans with Disabilities Act and other laws that protect the rights of students with disabilities to equal access to education and employment
  • Discussion of job placement and training in negotiating workplace accommodations with employers


  • To improve students’ potential for successful postsecondary experiences
  • To facilitate transitional plans early in a student’s academic career
  • To understand the wide range of supports available academically, socially, and professionally to students with disabilities

College Pathways Events

Throughout the school year, Transitional Pathways sponsors events for students, parents, and professionals.

  • Brown Bag Lunches – fall and spring (IU Kokomo faculty and staff)
    • Open discussion about various topics related to disabilities and transitions to college
  • Personal Visits (Potential students and families, year-round via appointment)
    • Availability to meet with potential students about accessibility services at IU Kokomo
  • Fall Transitional Program Luncheon (for educators and parents)
    • Speaker
    • Informational sessions on higher education expectations and differences, potential challenges for students, description of processes and various services available, potential resources, career

Registration for Transitional Program Luncheon

College Pathways Potential Partnerships
  • College Pathways Potential Partnerships

    • Bona Vista
    • Mayor’s Disability Council
    • Ivy Tech
    • Vocational Rehabilitation
    • Easter Seals Crossroads
    • Indiana Institute on Disability and Community
    • Indiana Resource Center for Autism
    • Employ Abilities Now
    • In Source
    • College Internship Program
    • Children’s Resource Group
    • Area High Schools
    • Potential Employers
    • Alumni
    • IU Kokomo School of Education
    • IU Kokomo Admissions
Last updated: 09/28/2018