Adaptive Technology and Accessibility Information

At the beginning of each semester, Kurzweil-approved students should submit their class schedule along with the list of books they will need. They can go to Indiana University Kokomo's Official Bookstore

Next, Kurzweil-approved students should email us or bring the following information about the books they will need scanned:

• Name of Class
• Name of Book
• Author
• Edition of the book
• Publisher of the book

After providing proof of purchase for the required textbooks to the Career and Accessibility Center, ATAC will send a link to the book to be used on Kurzweil.

Bloomington’s ATAC information:

IU Bloomington Adaptive Services 812-856-4112
UITS Adaptive Technology and Accessibility Centers
Indiana University, Indianapolis and Bloomington
1320 E 10th St - Wells Library, Room 101A
Bloomington IN 47405