Apply for Accessibility Services

Students who feel they qualify for modifications in the classroom based on the American Disability Act (ADA) must register through the Accessibility Center. 

Students who may qualify are:

  • Physically challenged
  • Hearing impaired
  • Sight/visually impaired
  • Learning disabled
  • Medically disabled
  • Mentally disabled
  • Other disabled by ADA definition


  • Provide proper documentation at least 72 hours prior to desired appointment time. 
  • Must be within three years of service request
    • Must be provided by:
    • Psychometrist
    • Psychologist
    • Psychiatrist
    • Medical Doctor or Specialist
    • Other Medical or Mental Health Specialists
  • Documentation must contain:
    • All specific diagnoses accompanied with symptoms
    • Description of how the condition limits/restricts life functions such as learning
    • All medications prescribed and possible side effects
    • Recommendations on how to modify the student’s educational setting to assist the student in meeting the goals and objectives of a class

Assessment of needs/modifications is reviewed by Accessibility Center staff

Steps for Services:

  • Self-identify to the Accessibility Center.
  • Submit proper documentation and request of medical information form. 
  • After review of documentation, Accessibility Center staff will contact you to schedule an intake appointment.
  • Attend intake appointment and sign release of information form.
  • Pick up letters to give to each of your instructors within the first week of classes.
  • Review and adhere to the responsibilities of students with disabilities.

*IEP’s are not accepted as documentation for students requesting services (as of January 2005).