Faculty Resources

Third Year Review Procedures

The Third-Year Review process is designed to help candidates as they proceed towards Promotion and/or Tenure.  This Third-Year Review is meant to be formative and by IU Kokomo Faculty Senate Guidelines, administrators are not included in the Third Year Review process.

There are two types of faculty within the School of Business: tenure-track faculty and lecturer/clinical faculty. Tenure-track faculty are evaluated on three criteria: teaching, research and service. Lecturer/Clinical faculty have only teaching and service as criteria.

Candidates should be familiar with the IU Handbook and the Promotion and Tenure Guidelines of the School of Business.  These documents offer helpful advice on the types of documents to be included within the Third-Year Review dossier.


  1. Promotion and Tenure is managed through an electronic system: e-dossier.  While the e-dossier system is not available for Third Year Review, candidates will use a similar electronic system such as Box, or Sharepoint.

    • The School of Business conducts its Third-Year Review in the fall of the candidates fourth year in their position.
      • The committee will be composed of all tenured faculty within the School of Business
        • In the case of a candidate seeking promotion to senior lecturer, senior lecturers may also be invited to serve on the committee
      • The School of Business reserves the right to ask up to two outside reviewers to serve on the committee (outside meaning out of the School of Business).  By seeking outside input, the candidate will be better prepared for their upcoming promotion and/or tenure case
      • The dossier will be due September 15th
    • It is the responsibility of the candidate to make their case for successful progress towards promotion and/or tenure