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Quality in Publishing

The faculty of the Indiana University Kokomo School of Business has a long and distinguished record of intellectual contribution that is consistent with its mission and its resource base as a regional campus of the Indiana University system. The faculty strives to achieve and value quality and recognizes that not all publishing outlets have equal standards. To ensure a minimum level of quality, each peer reviewed journal article should meet at least one of the following guidelines at the time the article is published:

  1. the publishing outlet is listed in a recent print or online edition of Cabell’s Directory of Publishing Opportunities (Beaumont: Cabell Publishing, Inc.) with an acceptance rate no greater than 40%, or

  2. the journal is sponsored, produced, managed, and/or published by an academic or professional association such as the American Economic Association (AEA), American Accounting Association (AAA), American Finance Association (AFA), American Marketing Association, (AMA), or other association designated by the faculty to produce quality publications, or 

  3. the journal appears on the list of acceptable (or better) publishing outlets of colleges/schools of business designated by the faculty to be appropriate for affirming a quality publishing outlet, or

  4. the journal is cited positively in a recently published study of the perceptions of faculty, practitioners, administrators and others regarding the quality of its contents, or

  5. the journal appears in the Kelley School of Business Journals A List, or

  6. lacking any of the above, the faculty member can produce evidence that the outlet is perceived to be a quality publication by a respected population.

The ultimate responsibility belongs to each individual faculty member to build their own case for quality, and the appropriate supporting documentation should be submitted to the dean along with any annual service report claiming a published article.

Approved by the School of Business

April 23, 2010