Faculty Resources

The Faculty Model

The faculty of the School of Business instructs, produces intellectual contribution, and provides service to the School, campus, community, and profession.

The instruction is generally provided to students of more than one business discipline through teaching schedules that include different sections per academic year. There are several types of faculty members in the School of Business: tenure-track faculty; clinical or lecturers; visiting faculty (all of whom are participating faculty) and supporting adjunct faculty members. 

For tenure-track faculty, the instructional load consists of three sections in the Fall semester and three in the Spring semester of each academic year and reflects a one section load reduction per semester for conducting research.

The intellectual contribution of the faculty consists of publications of application, pedagogy, practice, case writing and case study as well as basic research; academy activity at the local, regional, national, and international levels that include presentations and published refereed proceedings; books and parts of books such as chapters; contributions appearing in local and beyond print media. The record of contribution is rich in the quantity and breadth of publishing outlets that reflect the faculty's success over time in producing contributions of value.

For Clinical or Lecture faculty, the teaching load is four classes each semester and there is no research requirement. Adjunct faculty are limited, by IU policy, to teaching six sections per year. 

Regardless of the official type designation of the faculty member, t he instruction includes periodic assessments to ascertain that the desired learning goals of the School's programs (baccalaureate and MBA) are realized and to determine if and where improvements in learning outcomes are necessary. he faculty is dedicated to its teaching mission and realizes the centrality of mission in all that it does.  The faculty also promotes the academic success of its students through the learning environments and engagements they craft. 

The faculty serves in the environment of a regional campus of the Indiana University system with the expectant productivity and resource base thereof. Its success results from the collegiality, collaboration, and co-operation among its members.  The faculty takes pride in the mentoring it provides to colleagues in the probationary period of appointment.  

The School of Business at Indiana University Kokomo makes an important distinction between participating and supporting faculty members. A participating faculty member must demonstrate a long-term commitment and substantial involvement within the School of Business in addition to teaching and active professional involvement in his/her respective teaching field. A supporting faculty member does not, as a rule, participate in the intellectual or operational life of the School beyond the direct performance of teaching responsibilities. A supporting faculty member does not ordinarily have deliberative or involvement rights on faculty issues, have membership on faculty committees, or have any assigned responsibilities beyond direct teaching functions (i.e., classroom and office hours). A supporting faculty member’s appointment ordinarily consists exclusively of teaching responsibilities and is ordinarily an ad hoc appointment, for one term or one academic year at a time without the expectation of continuation (AACSB International: Eligibility Procedures and Accreditation Standards for Business Accreditation, Revised: July 1, 2009, p 39). 

All tenure-track, lecturer, clinical, and visiting faculty are Participating faculty. 

Approved by the faculty of the School of Business September 10, 2010. Revised on January ___, 2016