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IU Kokomo - Master of Business Administration Transcript


Aaron True, 2013 MBA graduate and Operating plant supervisor for Kokomo Transmission and Casting Plants explains the value of IU Kokomo while wearing safety glasses on the floor of the factory: “IUK and the M.B.A. program was just huge. It gave me the ability to get an elite degree from a top-accredited business school and it was close enough that I could go to work, raise a family, and I could get that degree.”

The screen splits. The left hand side of the screen shows the experience of driving through a parking lot and parking a car.

The righthand side of the screen, an interview takes place.

Kazi Jami, 2014 MBA graduate and Finance Planning Analyst for North America Envigo talks about his degree: “Two years ago, I didn’t have a lot of things to do but right now, I just graduated from the school. I got a good job. I bought a new car. So, it actually changed my career. It changed my life.”

Kazi Jami carries a bag that says, “Indiana University Kokomo, School of Business, M.B.A.” He is shown walking into his place of employment.

Gabby VanAlstine, 2015 M.B.A. graduate and Director of Human Resources, Indiana University Kokomo speaks about the MBA program: “I would say that the M.B.A. program at IU Kokomo is most definitely worth it. It’s an amazing experience where you’ll get to work, interact, and meet with the brightest and the best. You’ll get to engage and immerse yourself in business like you’ve never seen it before. You’ll get to study abroad and see the world if you take that opportunity and you’ll get to learn to be a critical thinker.”

Gabby interacts with fellow IU Kokomo staff and students, shaking their hands, chatting, and walking with them.

Aaron True continues speaking: “Top notch faculty. You have faculty whose teaching methodologies have been taken and implemented in Indiana University Bloomington. You have professors that are teaching and speaking on their topic worldwide. Going to Africa. Taking trips to Poland. Turkey.”

Classroom shots of professors speaking and interacting with students are shown.

Kazi Jami continues speaking: “My final project was in budgeting and forecasting. I had an internship and full-time work over in Kokomo Grain Company on this budgeting and forecasting and developing my career over here. So it’s a continuation of my coursework then my internship then my current career.”

Gabby VanAlstine continues speaking: “It’s a quality education. It’s very affordable. And again, the professors, your colleagues in the program and just the entire experience offered here at IU Kokomo is transformative.”

Gabby VanAlistine collaborates with someone on campus.

Kazi Jami continues speaking: “The good part of the IU Kokomo M.B.A. program is it’s really diversified. You can be a student age of 20s, you can get a student age of 30s, you can get a student age of 50s. But everyone was so cooperative including the faculty, staff, and your other colleague. I still remember when I was in the class, I was the youngest but I never felt like I was the youngest because everyone was so funny, so cooperative. Everyone was trying to help me if I’m not understanding anything.”

A professor chats with students in a classroom. Students work together in small groups in a classroom.

Steve Cox, Ph.D., Professor of Finance, Indiana University Kokomo speaks to the camera: “I think we have a really simple formula; we have small classes taught by really good instructors and the instructors are actually from very good schools and so it’s really simple. If you get in small groups and you get a lot of personal attention and care, I think students are comfortable and that students feel like they’re being sort of watched and nurtured and they like that and at the same time, I think we’re fairly rigorous and so they get a good education but it’s really simple. It’s not like a magical formula. It’s faculty who care, faculty who, when we hire people we hire people who are good teachers first and foremost and from good schools and I think when people come here they appreciate it.”

More shots are shown of students collaborating with peers and professors. Aaron True walks around his workplace looking at parts. Kazi Jami walks into work with his M.B.A. business bag. Gabby VanAlstine walks down the hallway chatting with a colleague. Another shot of students sitting in a classroom.


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IU Kokomo - Master of Business Administration

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Last updated: 10/24/2018