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IU Kokomo: School of Business Video

Business After Hours Bill Hunt Video Transcript

We see Hunt Hall on a clear-skied day from an interesting angle.

The screen reads, “Business After Hours – Indiana University Kokomo – Hunt Hall

Bill Hunt – Executive Partner – Cardinal Equity Partners speaks at a podium in the front of a classroom: “I just want to say that when you do get that diploma, uh, a couple of extreme things can happen.”

A table decoration is shown that reads, “Havana Nights.” The tropical themed decorations and food are shown from above.

Someone is interviewed and speaks to the camera: “I’m excited to be able to meet Bill Hunt and hear what he has to say about maximizing our education.”

Bill Hunt stands and talks to the Chancellor and others. A full room is shown waiting for Bill to speak.

“One is that you can take it home, get a frame, put it on your wall someplace and think that somehow that diploma is gonna magically make things happen.”

Someone is interviewed and speaks to the camera: “Well, you never know when you’re going to meet someone who could give you that connection later on, either for an internship or a job.”

Bill Hunt stands speaks in a group of people at the event.

Someone is interviewed and speaks to the camera: “Like, in the school, you just learned some scholarly stuff but many of the people outside, you get to learn what’s happening in the real world and you make contact, you know what you shouldn’t do, what you should do. So, all those things, like you can find everything in one event.” 

Two attendees chat. Several attendees stand and chat. 

Bill continues speaking: “You’re gonna have to make your career happen and that degree is gonna be the key that opens up the doors that you identify.” 

Someone is interviewed and speaks to the camera: “I am looking forward to the fact that tonight’s speaker is an alumni of IU and he’s going to be talking about how to maximize our educational investment. I think that’s really important because he’s been really successful in his career and we’ll be able to get that advice from him to use in our own careers.”

Attendees mill about and mingle.

Bill continues speaking: “But, if you, not only, earn the degree but continue to build through a lifelong learning, you’re going to have plenty of opportunities to use that degree and therefore thereby maximize that return on your M.B.A. investment.

The audience applauds.

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Business After Hours – Bill Hunt Video

Business After Hours – Bill Hunt Video with Audio Description

Last updated: 01/09/2019