Your Bill

Your bill has a multitude of information including a breakdown of fees, aid crediting your account including loans, scholarships, grants, etc.  Each statement is presented in a PDF form for your convenience.

Students Only

3rd Party User - A 3rd Party User can be created for those who may have parents/grandparents to make online payments on your account. By creating a 3rd Party User, you can determine what and how much a payer can see.

Update 3rd Party Access - Update information for anyone who has access to your account.

Direct Deposit - Signing up for Direct Deposit can reduce your wait time for your refund.

Optional Fees - Optional fees such as Parking, EZ Deposit and the Fitness Center Membership can be selected when registering for classes. If you overlook this opportunity you can still register for these optional charges after registering for your classes on One.

Parents Only

Change Password - 3rd Party Users can go in and change their password or email address.

Student Information - When a 3rd Party User has been given access to a students' account, the student determines what they want to allow the user to see. Please check with your student if you have questions on access you have been given.

Misc. Tutorials

Information to help you utilize the IU Kokomo website can be found in the Student Self-Service Information.  How-To's including videos and tutorials will help you find the answers you are looking for.