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Personal Deferment Plan

To qualify for the Personal Deferment Plan, a student must register as an undergraduate or graduate student in 3 credit hours or more and be in good standing with the university.

The Process

If you are eligible, the personal deferment payment amount will be listed on your bill. The remaining payments are due approximately one month apart. By paying the deferment amount, or more than the minimum amount, you will automatically be set up on the deferment plan. NOTE: The equal payments will only remain "equal" if the original balance is not adjusted with new charges or credits to the account (excluding payments).

Multiple Installment Deferment Plans

Fall and Spring

IU Kokomo offers four-pay, three-pay, and a two-pay equal installment deferment plans. A student's date of registration determines which plan applies. The deferment amount due will appear on the student's e-bill. Deferments include tuition, course-related fees (ex. labs), technology, activity and temporary repair & rehab. fees. Any other fees listed must be paid in full on the first billing. There will be a deferment service charge of $15.00 for each monthly installment. By paying the deferment amount or less than the total due, you will automatically receive the personal deferment option.  A non-refundable deferment service charge will be applied to the account as follows. 

Early registrations allow for a four-payment plan for eligible students. The first e-bill of each term (July for fall, December for spring) will reflect the deferment amount due. There will be a minimum charge of $15.00 for this plan. The second e-bill for the term (August for fall, January for spring) will allow all eligible students a three-payment plan. The deferment amount will be reflected on their e-bill. There will be an additional $15.00 charge for this plan. The third e-bill for the term (September for fall, February for spring) will allow eligible students a two-payment plan. The deferment amount due will be reflected on their e-bill. There will be an additional $15.00 deferment service charge for this plan. The final e-bill will be in October for fall terms and March for spring terms. All fees are due in full with this final billing.


IU Kokomo offers three-pay and two-pay equal installment deferment plans for summer. A student's date of registration determines which plan applies.

The first e-bill of summer (April) will indicate the deferment amount due if the deferment plan is desired. The May e-bill will offer the two-pay plan and indicate the deferment amount due if this plan is elected. If the student pays the deferment amount offered on the May e-bill, the final e-bill in June will reflect the balance due in full. There will be a deferment service charge of $15.00 for each monthly installment.

Late payments are assessed a monthly late payment fee.

There is no contract to sign but by remitting the first payment shown on your e-bill, you are agreeing to the following terms:

  • If you are paying the deferment amount or more than your deferment amount, but less than the total due, the university reserves the right to invoke the personal deferment option.
  • As the university's refund policy is a graduated four-week refund period, any refund due as a result of a dropped class will be credited to your outstanding deferment balance if an amount remains unpaid.
  • The only way to reduce this obligation is to officially withdraw or reduce hours during the refund period.
  • Failure to make payment by the due date may result in denial of future deferments and other services.
  • In the event any check or other instrument used in payment of this agreement is subsequently returned as not negotiable, this agreement will be null and void and total fees will be due immediately.
If you select this option because your financial aid will not be processed by your due date, you must meet each payment due date until your financial aid is credited. You will be refunded any overpayment once your aid is awarded.
Last updated: 09/14/2018