Applied & Community Research Center


  • Respond to requests from local and regional organizations, nonprofit agencies, and businesses to provide research expertise, analyze data, and report trends and patterns in the community, the greater Kokomo area and the surrounding 11 county service area of IU Kokomo.
  • Work together with IU Kokomo faculty members to promote and coordinate research partnerships and/or collaborations between IU Kokomo faculty, students, and local and regional organizations based on areas of faculty expertise and organizational needs or initiatives.
  • Provide applied research learning opportunities and instruction (e.g., internships or assistantships) for students interested in collaborating with faculty and local and regional organizations.
  • Deliver research outcomes for local organizations ranging from program evaluation, strategic planning, needs assessment, education, stakeholder and client surveys that assist in implementing program change and/or program development.
  • Facilitate resources for faculty research needs (i.e. student workers, data analysis, minimal funding awards) dependent on the availability of members of the ACRC.

ACRC will contract with your agency to conduct surveys, do data analysis, write reports, and/or help design a study. We also have qualified faculty & students who can conduct program evaluations, do marketing research, or meet your agencies other research needs.

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