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IUKAA Scholarship

The Indiana University Kokomo Alumni Association proudly supports our future alumni by offering the Indiana University Kokomo Alumni Association (IUKAA) Scholarship to any new or continuing student enrolled in six (6) credit hours per semester at Indiana University Kokomo. Consideration is given to relatives of IUAA members. For more information on scholarships offered, visit the IU Alumni Association. Interested applicants for the 2019-20120 academic year can apply online. Deadline for all applications and letters of recommendation is March 21, 2019.

If you have questions please contact the Office of Alumni Relations and Campus Ceremonies at 765-455-9595 or email

2017 IUKAA Scholarship Recipients
This scholarship helped pay my tuition
- Joshua Macy Westfield, IN

Macy is a junior majoring in Communication Arts (B.S.) and is the son of two IU Kokomo alumni. This scholarship is awarded based on an applicant's academic record demonstrating their ability to succeed in higher education and to obtain their degree from IU Kokomo. This scholarship is designed to help alleviate the financial burden of tuition, other fees, or fund study abroad opportunities for students who are selected as recipients, all thanks to the generous giving of IU Kokomo alumni. Congratulations Joshua Macy!

2016 IUKAA Scholarship Recipients
  • Melinda Puckett
  • Taylor Coram
  • Brooke Runyon
  • Allyson Boyd
  • Amber Moore
2015 IUKAA Scholarship Recipients
  • Eva Marie Warner Kelly
  • Bailey Troutman
  • Melinda Puckett
  • Austin Cooper Weaver
  • Ethan Dubbels
2014 IUKAA Scholarship Recipients
  • Ashley Lowe
  • Abigail Pinkston
  • Hannah Randall
  • Ann Yebei
  • Julia Walters   
2013 IUKAA Scholarship Recipients
  • Brian Arwood
  • Matthew Etter
  • Brittany Royer
  • Jacqueline Schick
  • Julia Walters
Last updated: 12/17/2018