Associate of Science Degree in Radiography

Admissions Information

Please make sure to follow all the appropriate steps prior to submitting an application for consideration by the program’s admissions committee. Only application packets that are postmarked or received by the program's application deadline and include all of the required items will be forwarded to the program's admissions committee.  Please use the below application submission checklist to ensure that all required materials will be submitted. 

Applicants will be expected to: 

  • Apply and be admitted to Indiana University Kokomo. 
  • Submit a Radiography Application
  • Submission of shadow observation report and verification Job Shadow Observation(pdf)

QUESTIONS: The Advising Center for Allied Health Sciences and Nursing will be glad to answer questions regarding the application process. Please call (765) 455-9384 or e‐mail for assistance. It is recommended that questions be asked in advance of the submission of the completed application packet. You should expect within three weeks of the date that the application is received an official response from our office. When applicable, verification will be sent via email to the address provided on the application.

PREFERENCE TO INSTATE RESIDENTS: Preference is given to applicants who are Indiana residents and to applicants who complete the majority of applicable course work at a public college or university in Indiana. Each program’s admissions committee determines how the preference policy shall be weighted in their admissions policies.

UNIVERSITY ADMISSIONS STATUS: Applicants must submit an application for enrollment to the IU Kokomo campus Actively enrolled students on the IU Kokomo campus do not need to complete this process. However, if you last enrolled at IU Kokomo more than one year ago, you must update your enrollment status through the above website. The IU Kokomo application must be submitted separately, but at the same time, as the program application or as otherwise directed by the program. For assistance with the university application process, please contact the IU Kokomo Admissions Center at (765) 455‐9217 or

TRANSCRIPTS: Students currently attending or previously enrolled at Indiana University (any campus) are not required to submit a copy of their IU transcript. However, transcripts from all other colleges, universities, or other training institutions are required; even if the credits are already posted to the IU transcript. Photocopies, unofficial copies, faxed copies, or student copies of the applicant’s transcript are accepted. The program’s admissions committee does reserve the right to request an official copy. Submission of illegible copies will delay the review of the application. Transcripts must be submitted even if the courses taken are not considered prerequisites.

PROCESSING OF INCOMPLETE & LATE APPLICATION PACKETS: Applicants will be notified by email or letter regarding missing items. It is the applicant’s responsibility to submit missing items by the program’s application deadline. Application packets received or postmarked after the program's deadline are considered late. Incomplete or late applications are only considered if all completed and on‐time applications have been reviewed and a seat remains open in the program. Please call (765) 455-9384 or send a message to  to find out if a specific program is still accepting applications after the stated deadline.

NOTE: Applications delivered during the week (Monday‐Friday) from 8:00 a.m. ‐ 5:00 p.m. can be delivered to Hunt Hall, Room SM-106.

Instructions for completing application to The IU Kokomo Radiography Program:

STEP 1: Complete application information – please provided requested information necessary to evaluate your application.  All information must be complete to process your application.  It is the responsibility of the student applicant to assure the program has all pertinent information and that it is received prior to the stated deadline.

STEP 2: CRIMINAL HISTORY DISCLOSURE –Indiana University and clinical educational site policies require thorough background check and record of immunizations.  Applicants to all IU Kokomo Division of Allied Health Sciences Programs must disclose at time of application any items that fit under the following stated criteria. Such a disclosure must be submitted in writing even if the charge has been dismissed.

  • Whether they have ever been convicted of, or pled guilty or no contest to, a felony, misdemeanor, or any offense other than a minor traffic violation;
  • Whether they have any criminal charges pending against them;
  • Whether they have ever participated in a first offender, deferred adjudication or pretrial diversion, or other program or arrangement where judgment or conviction has been withheld.

Applicants should provide a typed statement of explanation, giving full details, including the facts and the disposition of the case on a separate sheet(s) of paper.  If an applicant has already had the issue resolved with the ARRT a letter from the ARRT stating the applicant remains in good standing after the ARRT’s review.  In this case there does not have to be an accompanying letter of explanation.

This information, including name and program of interest, should be attached to the application packet and mailed via certified mail to the address provided at the end of the application instructions. If such a previous criminal history exists, the School’s admissions director will confidentially discuss the information presented with the program director of the applicant’s program of interest. This action is intended to make sure that the applicant’s previous criminal history will not cause the applicant difficulty in obtaining licensure or certification in their intended profession upon graduation or cause other difficulties in completing degree requirements.

Failure to disclose the above may result in the withdrawal of an acceptance or, in the case of accepted or matriculated students, dismissal from the School. The IU Kokomo Allied Health Sciences Division reserves the right to require that a full criminal history report be submitted by the applicant as part of the review process. Applicants are responsible for maintaining the receipt certifying that the letter has been received by the IU Kokomo Allied Health Sciences Department. For further information, please contact (765) 455-9490 or

STEP 3: EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND – Applicants are required to submit a separate transcript from EACH college, university, or other institution attended (except Indiana University). This includes any college level courses completed while enrolled in high school.

PLEASE READ VERY CAREFULLY BEFORE COMPLETING THE NEXT STEP OF THE APPLICATION. The use of one or more of the School’s admission policies may have a direct impact on your ability to gain admission to the program. Before submitting your application, please discuss these options with your academic advisor or contact the Advising Center for Allied Health Sciences and Nursing at (765) 455-9384.

STEP 4: ADMISSION POLICIES – Use of any of the IU Kokomo’s Admission Policies is optional. Please see an Allied Health Sciences advisor or the IU Kokomo registrar’s office for proper use and details.

STEP 5:  Certification- You MUST sign and date your application.

Full text of all policies may be found in the IU Kokomo Campus Bulletin at                      

PROGRAM SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS – IU Kokomo’s Allied Health Sciences programs may require the submission of an additional item(s) as part of the completed application packet. This item(s) must be included for the application packet to be considered as complete at the program’s application deadline. Failure to submit these items at the time of application will render the application incomplete. Please see “Processing of Late of Incomplete Applications” in the Application Instructions for details on how late/incomplete applications will be handled. You need to look over program specific requirements, prerequisites, and selection process and technical standards, which can be located under "Technical Standards for Radiologic Technology"