Bachelor of Science in Medical Imaging Technology

Non-Degreed ARRT Radiographers

If you are a registered radiographer but do not possess an associate degree in radiography, other ways of obtaining credit are available through Indiana University Kokomo. They include the following:

  • Credit by credential: Up to 24 credit hours for performance on pertinent sections of the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists Exam are awarded, provided the student achieved a minimum section score of 7.5.
Content Section # Credits
Radiation Protection
Equipment Operation and Maintenance
Image Production and Evaluation
Radiographic Procedures 9
Patient Care and Management
  • Credit by experience: Up to 15 credit hours of clinical experience can be awarded when appropriate documentation is submitted.
    • A student may receive 10 credit hours upon documentation of graduation from a JRCERT accredited certificate radiography program.
    • An additional 1 credit hour for every two years of post registration full-time equivalent work experience may also be granted up to a maximum of 5 credit hours.