Health Science

Bachelor of Science Degree in Health Science

Plan of Study


The curriculum consists of a minimum of 120 credit hours composed of the following:

Meet IU Kokomo campus General Education requirements 41 – 42 credits:

(I and II)  Communication/Inf Literacy Skills 9 credit hours
(II)  Quantitative Literacy and Math 3 – 4 credit hours
(III)  Critical Thinking 3 credit hours
(IV)  Cultural Diversity    3 credit hours
(V)   Ethics and Civic Engagement   3 credit hours
(VI)  Social and Behavioral Sciences.
Sociology and Psychology 3 credit hours
Political Science, History and Economics 3 credit hours
(VII) Humanities
Fine, Performing and Communication 3 credit hours
Literature and Philosophy 3 credit hours
(VIII)  Physical and Life Sciences
One five hour course (with Lab) 5 credit hours
One three hour course 3 credit hours
TOTAL 41 - 42 credits

 In addition to the IU Kokomo campus general education requirements above, the following is a plan of study for the degree completion in Health Sciences: 

Health Sciences Degree course requirements 

  • 49 credit hours in Health Sciences core major
  • 21 credit hours in Health Promotion concentration  (HP Concentration)
  • 24 credit hours in Exercise and Sport Science        (EES Concentration)
  • Minimum 24 credit hours of additional electives in Health Sciences: total minimum 120 hours required for graduation