Health Science

Bachelor of Science Degree in Health Science

Nurtition Concentration

The Division of Allied Health Sciences offers a nutrition concentration which can be applied in the following ways:

Pre-Professional Health Career Preparation – Nutrition Concentration

 Nutrition Lab

This degree requires a strong science background supported with courses in chemistry, biochemistry, human anatomy and physiology, and food microbiology/sanitation and safety. Students will study food preparation, science of nutrition, nutrition through the life cycle, medical nutrition therapy, global nutrition, physical assessment and emergency management and sports nutrition. Depending on your post graduate plans, your degree plan may vary to ensure you have completed all courses required for entrance into your chosen post-graduate program. Transfers into this program must have a minimum GPA of 3.0. Students may visit with their academic adviser for details.

This option offers an academic path for individuals interested in medicine, optometry, pharmacy, dental, physical therapy, dietetics, physician assistant and other allied health options.

Nutrition, Health, and Wellness Degree


This degree track is designed for those students interested in a career in nutrition, but outside of the clinical setting.  This track provides students with the basic knowledge and skills needed to provide general nutrition education to groups. Students in this degree will study food preparation, science of nutrition, nutrition through the life cycle, sports nutrition, nutrition education, nutrition and chronic disease, community nutrition, global issues in nutrition and physical assessment and emergency management.

 The degree also includes courses in chemistry, human physiology, food sanitation, exercise physiology, introduction to marketing, and writing. This track may also be an excellent track for pre-nursing, optometry, and other pre-professional areas.

Employment opportunities from this degree are more diverse. Potential jobs would range from community health to corporate wellness, sales of pharmaceuticals and nutritional formulas, health reporting and media, personal trainer, government programs (ex: Women, Infant, and Children), and various food industries.

Mission:  The mission of the Allied Health Sciences Nutrition Program is to educate and train individuals in the field of nutritional science, preparing them to improve the nutritional status of our global society.