Paramedic Science

Associate of Science Degree in Paramedic Science

Emergency medical technicians (EMTs), formerly called ambulance attendants, care for people at the scene of emergencies and transport them to hospitals or other health care institutions. EMTs (basic, intermediate, and paramedic) determine the nature and extent of victims' medical and trauma-related emergencies and provide limited care. Depending on their level of training and on state regulations, EMTs may provide such care as opening and maintaining airways, controlling bleeding, immobilizing fractures, and administering certain drugs. The Bachelor of Science in Paramedic Science degree program is designed to prepare emergency medical technicians-paramedics to deliver emergency patient care in the prehospital setting. The EMT-paramedic primarily provides prehospital emergency care to acutely ill or injured patients by ambulance service and mobile advanced life-support units under medical command authority and, secondarily, provides care in other appropriate settings that are under physician supervision.

The Paramedic Science program leads to an Associate of Science in Paramedic Science degree conferred by the Indiana University School of Medicine. Students are admitted to the professional year of the paramedic science program (at the IU Medical Center) after they have earned 29 credit hours of college course work.

The first year of this program's prerequisites are available at Indiana University Kokomo campus.

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