Nuclear Medicine Technology

Bachelor of Science Degree in Nuclear Medicine Technology

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Nuclear Medicine Technology?

Nuclear Medicine Technology is an educational and clinical profession that involving diagnostics and theraputics use of radionuclides.

What does a Nuclear Medicine Technologist do?

A Nuclear Medicine Techologist uses proper patient care, radiation safety and knowledge of radiopharmaceuticals to administer radionuclides to assist physicians in the diagnosis and treatment of medical diseases and conditions.

Can a degree in Nuclear Medicine be earned at IU Kokomo?

No, however the vast majority of Nuclear Medicine Technologists first completed an associate degree in Radiography which is available at IU Kokomo.  The radiography program and prerequisites preapare a students for the core courses in Nuclear Medicine.  Graduates of a Radiography have many more career and employment options upon earning their BS in Nuclear Medicine.

Does this mean there are other ways to get into a nuclear medicine program?

Yes, but those are specific to each degree program.  Students are encouraged to work with an advisor to ensure compliance with tranfer requirements. 

Is there a selection process to get into a nuclear medicine program?

Usually.  Just like almost all Allied Health Science related programs, there are limited clinical education seats.  Students should seek advice from professional advisors as to when the deadline for applicatins is as well any other quilifactions.