Nuclear Medicine Technology

Bachelor of Science Degree in Nuclear Medicine Technology

A nuclear medicine technologist is a skilled person qualified to provide patient diagnostic and therapeutic services using ionizing radiation in the form of gamma rays, X-rays, and beta rays. These radiations emanate from radioactive materials. Nuclear medicine technologists perform patient organ imaging procedures, radioactive analysis of biological specimens (blood, urine), and some therapeutic applications of radioactive materials. Effective nuclear medicine technologists utilize principles of radiation protection as they prepare and administer radioactive materials for a variety of examinations. They are capable of performing quality control procedures of the instrumentation and on the radioactive materials. Nuclear medicine technologists also assist physicians in surgical procedures and during examinations, give intravenous injections, draw blood, assess the technical quality of the studies, and provide basic patient care. The technologist must function as a member of the health care team.

Graduates receive a Bachelor of Science degree and are eligible to take the certification examination of the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists and the Nuclear Medicine Technology Certification Board to become certified as a nuclear medicine technologist, R.T.(N), or C.N.M.T.

Please consult the IUPUI bulletin for additional admission requirements and prerequisite courses.

Three of the four years of this program are available at Kokomo.

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