Health Information Administration

Bachelor of Science Degree in Health Information Administration

Plan of Study

The Health Information Administration program consists of 124 credits hours.  All courses must be completed witha "C" or better to count towrads degree completion. Please note that some courses have prerequisites.  Transfer students should consult an IUPUI academic advisor regarding potential course exceptions and/ or subsitutions.

Professional Program

January 15th of a students Sophamore year should apply for admission to the HIA professional program.  The first two years of prerequisites my be taken here at IU Kokomo.  Admission is competive and based on  pre-professional course completion, cumulative GPA (minimum of 2.50) and an interview.  Completion of all required pre-professional courses does not guarantee admission.

Once accepted, the student completes the professional program during years three and four.  The IUPUI program offers experienctial learning that give students an advantage as they begin their career.  In the senior year, the student is assigned to a mentored professional practicum within a healthcare facility.  The students will be at the facility for eight hours every other Friday, gaining applied expereince and valuable networking opportunities under the guidance of a Health Information Administration professional.