Health Information Administration

Bachelor of Science Degree in Health Information Administration

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a Health Information Administrator Do?

A health information administrator has four primary areas of responsibility: creating data entry procedures, managing data integrity, system security, and data analysis. A health information administrator or health information manager is trained to maintain patients' medical records. Health information administrators are employed in hospitals, health care facilities, and insurance companies. In a standard health information or health records department, the health information administrator has several health information technicians who are responsible for data entry and performing routine analysis.

Can I earn the degree from IU Kokomo?

Students may complete the first two years of the four year degree at IU Kokomo.  They usually transfer to IUPUI to complete the baccalaureate degree.

What are some other main duties?

Another responsibility of the health information administrator is the analysis of system reports. They are responsible for providing accurate and comprehensive reports to senior management on costs, activity, patient demographics, and other information as needed. This is a critical function for effective decision making in both the hospital and insurance company setting.

What is the difference between Medical Coding and Health Information Administrator?

Usually medical coding is a certificate program that will allow students to become employable in a much shorter time frame. Many medical coding certificates only take one year of full time study.  These students, with expereince, may quilify for national certification.  HIA is a degree program that typically takes four years to complete.  Many of these gradautes find employement as managers or directors of a medical information department.  Both medical coders and HIA graduates must be extremely knowledgable about HIPAA rules and requirements.