Dental Hygiene

Associate or Bachelor of Science Degree in Dental Hygiene

Frequently Asked Questions

Is job shadowing required?

Yes, Job shadowing and observation is the best way for you to get a first hand look at a given profession and determine whether or not it is one you wish to look into further. HPPLC advisors strongly encourage you to take advantage of any such opportunities that arise during high school; or, if you are already in college, to arrange shadowing / observation as soon as possible. Refer to the IUPUI dental hygiene PDF document for further shadowing / observation information.

What IU campuses offer a degree in Dental Hygiene?

Dental hygiene degrees at Indiana Univeristy are offered at the following campuses: (see program web pages at each campus for details):

  • IUN, IUPUI (IUSD), IUSB, and IPFW offer dental hygiene programs leading to the ASDH degree. IUSD, IUSB, and IPFW also offer BSDH degrees.
  • IUSB has two BSDH degrees—a completion degree (which upgrades the ASDH to a BSDH) and an entry-level BSDH. NOTE that it is not possible for IUB students to pursue the entry-level IUSB BSDH degree—interested students must transfer to IUSB.