Dental Hygiene

Associate or Bachelor of Science Degree in Dental Hygiene

Degree Requirements

The dental hygienist is a member of the dental health team who provides educational, preventive, and therapeutic oral health services. Employment opportunities may be available in private dental practice, hospitals, public health, educational institutions, and research. Indiana University offers a program leading to an Associate of Science degree.

Prerequisite Courses:
Written Communication (3 cr.)
General Psychology (3 cr.)
Introductory Sociology (3 cr.)
Public Speaking (3 cr.)
Chemistry (5 cr.)
Arts and Humanities (6 cr.)
Basic Human Anatomy (5 cr.)
Basic Human Physiology (5 cr.)
Microbiology (4 or 5 cr.) is strongly recommended.

Only the first year of this program is available at Kokomo.

Information about dental auxiliary education programs may be obtained from the following sources:

Director of Preprofessional Counseling or
Director, Dental Hygiene
Indiana University School of Dentistry
1121 West Michigan Street, Indianapolis, IN 46202

Fort Wayne
Supervisor, Dental Hygiene
Indiana University Purdue University Fort Wayne
2101 Coliseum Boulevard East, Fort Wayne, IN 46805

South Bend
Supervisor, Dental Hygiene
Indiana University South Bend
1825 Northside Boulevard, South Bend, IN 46615

Director, Dental Hygiene
Indiana University Northwest
3223 Broadway, Gary, IN 46408

Contact the Division of Allied Health Sciences.