Bachelor of Science Degree in Cytotechnology

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cytotechnology?

Cytotechnology is a clinical diagnostic discipline that primarily deals with the recognition and identification of abnormal cells, such as those found in cancers, pre-cancerous tissues, and viral infections.

Where dose a Cytotechnologist find employment?

The majority of cytotechnologists find work in either a hospital diagnostic center or in research laboratories. 

What does a Cytotechnologist do?

spend significant amounts of time examining clinical specimens for abnormalities. Such specimens may include Pap smears, tissue scrapings from other body locations, biopsy samples, and fine-needle aspirates from sites where tumors have been found or suspected. 

Where can I learn to be a Cytotechnologist and how much education is required?

While cytotechnologists usually work with a pathologist in the diagnosis of detected cancers, they work independently otherwise and make crucial decisions in the process of cancer screening. The clinical internship in cytotechnology, which comprises the fourth year of study in the B.S. degee can be taken at IUPUI.  The first three years of the four year course requirements may be taken at IU Kokomo. Students are encouraged to seek help with completely the degree prerequisite course requirements while at IU Kokomo.

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