Clinical Laboratory Science

Bachelor of Science Degree in Clinical Laboratory Science

Degree Requirements

Prerequistes for the CLS degree include:

General Education

Written communication (G)

2 courses

Verbal communications (G)

1 course

Humanities (G)*

1 course

Social/Behavioral science (G)*

2 courses

Biological Sciences

Introductory Human Biology (G)

1 course

Microbiology (with lab)

1 course

Human Genetics

1 course

Human Physiology

1 course


1 course


Introductory Chemistry (with lab) (G)
(Course must be appropriate for science majors)

2 semesters

Organic I (with lab)

1 course (w/lab)

Advanced Chemistry Elective

1 course

Suggested Chemistry Electives


Organic II

Analytical Chemistry


College Algebra and Trigonometry or higher content (G)

1-2 courses


1 course

Suggested electives although not mandatory include:

Human Anatomy and Physiology; Molecular Biology; Medial Terminology; and microbiology

Graduation Requirements:

Satisfactory completion of at least 128 credit hours to include at least 90 credit hours of prerequisite and general education courses and 38 of professional courses.  All course work must be completed in compliance with the program’s and school’s academic and professional policies.

More specific information about this major may be found at the IU School of Medicine Health Professions Programs website: