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Testing Center

The Testing Center is operated by the Office of Student Success & Advising and is located in the Kelley Student Center, Room 250. The Testing Center is open Monday-Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Tests are conducted in our testing room with 13 computer stations. The following tests can be scheduled and taken at the Testing Center:

  • Admissions exams
  • Placement exams for math and foreign language (Spanish, French, and German)
  • DANTES subject exams
  • Outside proctored exams
  • Classroom makeup exams
  • Accessibility Center testing
Appointments are necessary to take any test. To schedule an appointment or to speak to the Testing Center, you can email the Testing Center at or call (765) 455-9395.
To schedule a test in the Testing Center please see the forms and guidelines below:

Testing: Please read this page then call the Testing Center at (765) 455-9395 to schedule any tests, DANTES test, makeup exams, Accessibility Center testing, and foreign language test appointment.

Student rules for taking an exam in the Testing Center:

  1. Arrive at least five minutes prior to your scheduled test time. You must present a photo ID every time you test.
  2. Anyone arriving 15 minutes after their scheduled test time may not be permitted to test, and the test may be returned to your instructor.
  3. If this happens, you must make arrangements with your instructor to reschedule, and testing will be at the discretion of the instructor. If the instructor approves your rescheduling request, you should then schedule a new appointment with the Testing Center.
  4. Testing rules will be provided in the Testing Center and on the website.
  5. All testing will be in an environment with reduced distractions.
  6. Please remember to silence your cell phones and place all personal belongings (e.g. any electronic devices, cell phone, wallet, purse, keys, coats, hats, bags, etc.) in a locker. A 12X12 locker will be provided to lock up your belongings. If your items will not fit in the locker, please leave them in your car.
  7. Calculators are only permitted upon instructor’s consent.
  8. No food or drinks will be allowed during testing, unless supported in documentation from the Accessibility Center.
  9. No children, parents, or friends are allowed in the testing area during the exam.
  10. You must complete your test before leaving the testing area. There will be no re-entry.
  11. Private Rooms Only or Scribe/Reader Tests: Tests will begin no later than your assigned start time.
  12. If you arrive late, you may be allowed to test in an alternate space, if available.

Accommodations: If you have any problem(s) with your accommodation you must report your experience to the Testing Center Staff and/or Accessibility Coordinator within 48 hours after the test has taken place. Promptly reporting any problems you may have experienced will ensure a timely resolution.

**Security cameras are located in the exam rooms, and testers are monitored at all times.**

Admissions Exam

Prospective students needing to take an admissions exam will be notified via the Office of Admissions. 

The exam takes approximately one hour to complete.  Test scores are sent directly to the Office of Admissions for review and consideration.

Accuplacer Reading Comprehension Practice Questions

Math Placement Exam (ALEKS)

Prior to registering in their first mathematics course at IU Kokomo, all entering freshman students are required to complete a proctored ALEKS mathematics placement assessment for appropriate course placement.

Students transferring to IU Kokomo who need a mathematics course will also be required to take the mathematics placement exam unless they have transfer credit for a college level mathematics course equivalent to a course offered at IU Kokomo, and no more than two years has elapsed since their last mathematics enrollment.

Non-Indiana University dual-credit mathematics courses taken in high school will not exempt students who need further mathematics courses from taking the mathematics placement exam.

Students who have earned an AP Calculus score of 3 or higher within the past two years do not need to take the ALEKS placement assessment.  Any exceptions will be made by the advisor in consultation with the mathematics faculty.

Math Placement Exams (ALEKS) take approximately two hours to complete.

ALEKS Math Placement FAQ's

Foreign Language Placement Exam

Students may take a foreign language exam to determine proper placement. The foreign language test is required for students who wish to continue studying in a foreign language (Spanish, French, German) in which they have had previous instruction. If you plan to start with the beginning class at IU Kokomo, you do not need to take the foreign language placement exam.

Because test results will not be available on the day the test is taken, new students should complete the placement tests at least two weeks prior to registration. Students should check with their advisors for scores. The Testing Center staff is not allowed to release testing scores to students.

Foreign language exams take approximately two hours to complete.


Students who are interested in taking DANTES subject exams must check with their advisors first to determine if the credits are accepted for their major.

DANTES tests are completed online. Students must have a credit card (VISA, MasterCard, or American Express) and pay online for the $80 DANTES fee (subject to change). Each test also requires the student to pay $20 for a proctoring fee at the bursar's office (personal check or money order made payable to IU Kokomo only).

The student will get immediate results for the test. Official results are sent from DANTES to IU Kokomo in approximately 2 to 3 weeks.

Students taking DANTES are allotted two hours to complete the exam.  The deadline for completing DANTES exams for graduating students is as follows: 

May Graduates - April 1st 
August Graduates - July 1st 
December Graduates - November 1st 

DANTES Sample Questions and Practice Exams

Outside Proctored Exams

All proctoring is scheduled by appointment and based on staff availability.

Please consult your college’s testing center or instructor concerning outside proctored exams. Your school or instructor may require a signed proctor agreement prior to scheduling a testing date. Proctor Agreements may be submitted to:

Once accepted, your instructor or testing center will provide Indiana University Kokomo—Testing Center the necessary information for your exam. After confirmation has been received, the student may call the Testing Center to schedule their proctored exam.

The student is responsible for all fees. The proctoring fee for each exam is $20 payable to the Bursar's office (cash, check or money order made payable to IU Kokomo only), located in the Kelley Student Center, Room 205. The proctoring fee must be paid prior to testing, and receipt provided the day of testing along with a photo ID.

Make up Exams

Makeup exams are usually scheduled by the instructor via online form, hard copy form or in person with at least a 48-hour notice to the Testing Center. Once you and your instructor have agreed on a testing date, the instructor will complete and submit a form that will give the instructor's name, student's name, date/time of exam, class number, length of exam, any special instructions, and what the student is allowed to use during the exam.

Accessibility Services Testing

Accessibility Services testing is approved through the Office of Career Services and Accessibility. Students need to contact the office at (765) 455-9301 to gain approval and arrangements for accessibility testing. Students must be approved for services through this office, located in room 200 of the Kelley Student Center.

If you are approved for testing accommodations, please discuss with your instructor prior to testing.

Private Rooms Only or Scribe/Reader Tests: It is the student’s responsibility to contact the Accessibility Center at least two weeks prior to testing to prearrange a scribe/reader. At least 48 hours advance notice is required to coordinate a test date with the Testing Center.

Additional Testing information:

Indiana University Kokomo

2300 S Washington Street, KC 250

PO Box 9300

Kokomo, IN 46904-9300 
(765) 455-9395

Last updated: 06/20/2017