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Severe Weather

Severe Weather

In the event of a threat of severe weather: Contact the Indiana University Kokomo Police Department (IUPD) at extension 363. The IUPD will notify Physical Plant and assign an officer to monitor the progress of the severe weather.

Physical Plant will assign someone to:

  • Test the emergency generators and check fluid levels.

  • Check all HVAC Units to make sure that all access panels are secure.

  • Check all first aid kits to make sure they are supplied.

  • Ensure all roof drains are free and clear of debris.

  • Review evacuation procedures.

 In the event severe weather is detected on campus:

  •  Close and lock all cash registers.

  •  Close and lock all areas containing money, including safes.

  •  Shut down all computers and electrical equipment that might be damaged.

  •  If the safety of the faculty/staff, students and visitors are threatened, IUPD or Physical Plant Emergency Staff may order the evacuation of a building(s).

  •  Meet at a predetermined location away from the building.

  •  Check all areas of the building to make sure everyone is evacuated.

In the event of property damage resulting from severe weather:

  •  The IUPD will establish control of security around the affected area.

  •  Physical Plant will do a preliminary analysis of the area and contact the appropriate people to address concerns.

  •  Only authorized persons may enter the area after it is declared safe to enter.

  •  IUPD or Physical Plant will notify the Vice Chancellor for Administration and they will inform Risk Management.

If the roof is leaking:

  •  Cover with plastic any property that may be damaged.

  •  Place trash cans under leaking areas.

  •  Elevate property off the floor to at least 12 inches.

  •  Rope off damaged areas.

  •  Contact Physical Plant at ext. 273 and provide information on the location and severity of the leak.

If there is water in the building:

  •  Notify the IUPD at ext. 363 and Physical Plant at ext. 273.

  •  Physical Plant will respond to facilitate the cleanup of the area.

  •  Document all expenses.

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