Registration Dates and Appointment Info

Early Registration

Early Registration is restricted to students enrolled at IU Kokomo during the previous term. Registration is conducted online via OneStart®. Information about your registration appointment will be sent to you via your IU email and will also be available in OneStart®  in mid-October for Spring and Summer registration and in early March for Fall registration. 

Fall 2014:                           March 24-27, 2014
Spring, Summer 2015:   November 3- 6,2014

Open Registration

Open Registration is available for currently enrolled, re-entering, intercampus, and non-degree students. You will be able to register via OneStart® on these dates:

Fall 2014                                         March 28, 2014 - August 24, 2014
Summer 2014
     IS1,4W1,SS1,REGULAR          Nov.1-May18
     IS2                                               Nov.1-June1
     4W2                                             Nov.1- June 15
     SS2                                              Nov.1-July 1
     4W3                                             Nov.1 - July 13

Spring 2015                                    Nov. 3, 2014– Jan. 11, 2015

Late Registration

If you register after the term begins, you will be assessed a late registration fee.  Go to

to find late registration fee amounts.