Event Parking Signage Request Form

Event Parking Signage Request Form

General guidelines for signage—signs may be requested for university related/sponsored events that are open to the public. Signage is not for outside events being held at IU Kokomo

Signage is placed the day of the event. For Saturday and Sunday events, signs will be placed on Friday.

If your event occurs for more than one day, please complete an additional form for each day.

Please select the event from list below. If your event is not listed, please select “other” and complete a description of the event

Contact Information
Individual’s Name:
E-mail Address
Contact Person:
Campus Phone Number:
   Arts & Crafts Fair
   Campus Barbeque
   Open House
   Public Lecture
   Scholarship Gala
   VIP Day
Event Details
Description of Event
Location of Event
Expected Attendance
Day of Event
Date of Event
Time of Event

*Subject to approval.

Signs may not be placed out during electrical storms and/or strong winds.