Below you will find information regarding your upcoming event at IUK.  If you need to make changes to the setup, please contact Special Facilities as soon as possible.


Also, on the reverse side of this page, you will find policies regarding your use of the IUK campus for your event.  When you have read and understood the terms of this agreement, please sign and date this form, then return this contract to Special Facilities at the address listed below. A signed contract and payment must be completed prior to the event.


Thank you.

I, the person signing this document, have read the entire document and agree to its provisions.  In addition, I certify that I have the authority to act on behalf of those I purport to represent.  Subject to terms and conditions.


Event Name:________________________________________   Event Date: ________________    




Approved:__________________________________________    Date: ________________     




Signature:__________________________________________     Date: ________________ 


Fax or mail to:                  

Special Facilities

Indiana University Kokomo

2300 S.  Washington Street

P.O. Box 9003

Kokomo, Indiana   46904-9003

PH:  765-455-9449

FAX: 765-455-9537


(Please make a copy of this and keep it for your records.)


  • Any charges listed on documents are estimated charges only.  Final charges will be determined by goods and services provided.  Guaranteed numbers for catering are due forty-eight (48) hours in advance.
  • Licensee shall be subject to all Indiana University policies and procedures found in the Academic Handbook, Indiana University; Indiana University at Kokomo Bulletin; and Kelley Center policies and procedures.  Copies may be found in the Office of Special Facilities, Room 232, and Kelley Center.  Event planners are urged to familiarize themselves with the contents.
  • Each member of the licensee group and the group’s agent shall be responsible for the supervision of the group while using the property of Indiana University at Kokomo.  If a need for security is determined by IUK, or requested by the client, coordination with IUK security is mandatory.
  • Indiana University at Kokomo reserves the right to deny space, cancel reservations, and/or prohibit activities it deems detrimental to the health, safety, or security of its students, patrons, or clients.  Further, Indiana University may revoke this license at any time for any reason and Licensee’s sole remedy shall be the reimbursement of any deposit given.
  • Indiana University at Kokomo is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged personal property.  In consideration for the use of the facilities and grounds of Indiana University at Kokomo the group, its members and clients, individually waive any claim for damages or injury, which arises during their participation in the referenced event.  The licensee group agrees to hold harmless and indemnify Indiana University for any costs or losses arising from property damage and/or all personal injury arising out of their use of the property.
  • Home-cooked carry-in-food cannot be brought into the Kelley Center meeting rooms or Conference Room KO-130.  Outside catering companies may be used providing they meet certain conditions.  Contact the Director of Special Facilities for details.
  • Due to potential liability to Indiana University and the contracted food service, the customer may take only non-perishable leftover foods and beverages after the event ends.  Trays and other catering service may not be taken from the room.  Please ask the catering person serving you to package the leftovers for you.  The minimum charge remains the guaranteed number or the actual number served whichever is greater.
  • Space is not officially reserved until this application is approved and signed by the Director of Special Facilities.
  • Indiana University Kokomo is a smoke-free campus, and smoking is not allowed on the premises.

All licensees providing refreshments while utilizing the facilities on the campus of Indiana University Kokomo must sell only Coke-cola products.