Thank you!

Thank you for completing the UITS-Kokomo "Get your Laptop ready for Classes" setup procedure!

By completing this procedure, you will have a more productive experience using your personal computer...

1. You can be assured that all operating system updates and service packs have been installed to make your computer operate better!
2. You have all of the proper software to use in your academic experience at IU Kokomo!
3. You have proper and up-to-date antivirus software, firewall settings, and security configuration to protect your computer from malicious threats!

It is your responsibility to ensure that your computer stays up-to-date.  Always follow through and install all Microsoft updates and all updates for other installed software.  Periodically scan your computer for viruses using the installed antivirus software.

If you experienced difficulty installing some of the applications during this "Get your Laptop ready for Classes!" setup procedure, please contact UITS-Kokomo IT Training for assistance.  We are happy to assist you, correct any issues, and to enable your Student Success!

In the future, if you experience any difficulty using your computer and software to complete course assignments, please contact UITS-Kokomo IT Training.  You can receive one-on-one tutoring either by "walk in" or by appointment. 

Contact UITS-Kokomo IT Training through the Student Success Center at (765) 455-9425, option 2, or by email to, or throug Microsoft Lync "instant messaging", which you should have installed during the laptop setup procedure.

Visit the IT Training Web site at for many tutorials, including how to use Microsoft Lync to "instant message" IT Training to get assistance!