Is your course work suffering because of a lack of computer skills?
Are you never quite sure how to use certain features in computer tools, but afraid to ask?
Are you scrambling to get your computer skills up to date?

The following classroom training, one-on-one tutoring services, and online self-tutorials may be just the thing you need to answer those questions!  Personalized assistance is available!

The mission statement for IU Kokomo IT Training is to "Remove technology roadblocks to enable student success!"

Students have three options to remove those roadblocks: Instructor-Led Training, Online Tutorials, and One-on-One Tutoring.  Information about all of those options is provided below:


Students can take advantage of one-on-one tutoring in two formats: "walk in" or by appointment.  All tutoring is conducted out of the IT Support Center, Room KA-221 in the IU Kokomo Library (2nd floor) during normal Library Hours.  Stop in!  To make an appointment, contact IT Training at (765) 455-9589.  All tutoring is provided at NO CHARGE to students.

Faculty can request that IT Training come to their classroom and deliver group training on important technology skills students need to complete their assignments and projects.  To set up a classroom training event, contact IT Training at (765) 455-9589.  


Lynda.com ... Exceptional online multimedia training is available at NO CHARGE to all IU Students, faculty, and staff... available 24/7/365 ! (login required)  A high-speed Internet connection and speakers/headphones are required.

STEPS Workshop Materials are available for many software applications to students, faculty, and staff at Indiana University at NO CHARGE (login required).  Training materials are available for Microsoft Office applications, Adobe Creative Suite applications, and many many more!   


Are you legal? Information regarding downloading copyrighted material
Keep IT Safe! Tools and resources to keep you and your computer safe!
New to IU? Great information for students attending IU Kokomo and IU for the first time!
IT Training Tips IT Tips on a variety of topics
Lynda.com Exceptional online multimedia training for IU students, faculty, and staff... available 24/7!
IU Knowledge Base Get answers to all of your IT questions!
IUware Online FREE!!! - Windows and Mac software for IU students!


Don't just walk away... Lock your workstation!


GoPrint Tutorials:

GoPrint: Go directly to IU Kokomo CougarPrint "Welcome" page
GoPrint: Log in to the GoPrint client from a Web browser to send your print jobs to the printer
GoPrint: Training documentation (How do I get my printouts?) 


Microsoft Office 2007 Online Interactive Guides Learn to use the Office 2007 user interface!
Microsoft Office 2010 Online Interactive Guides Learn to use the Office 2010 user interface!


To gain access, and to be able to use the Mypage server at http://mypage.iu.edu, it is necessary to set up an account on the Mercury server.  To set up an account on the Mercury server, go to http://itaccounts.iu.edu.   

1.       On the “Welcome to the Account Management Service at Indiana University” page, click on the Manage my IU computing accounts link.
2.       Log in using your student credentials (IU Kokomo computing account username and passphrase).
3.       On the next page, click on the create more accounts: link.
4.       On the next page, scroll down and select the Mypage/Mercury option.
5.       Click the Create Account button. 

Note:  It may take up to 24 hours for your Mercury account to be created.  You will not have access to the Mypage/Mercury server until your account has been created.  If you are experiencing trouble creating and accessing your Mypage/Mercury account, please contact IU Kokomo IT support Center for assistance at (765) 455-9315 or by e-mail at kohelp@iuk.edu.  The IT Support Center is located in the Library in Room KA-221 (2nd floor).  

Reference documents on the IU Knowledge Base:
"At IU, what is Mercury?"
"At IU, what is Mypage, and how can I publish a Web page there?"
"At IU, how do I remove my personal Web page?"

"At IU, what is the policy for information on personal web pages?

For more information about creating Web pages on the Mypage/Mercury server, go to the Indiana University UITS (University Information Technology Services) Knowledge Base and search for the keywords mypage and mercury.


The Digital Media Center is located in the IU Kokomo Library, Room KA-120 (1st floor).  The Digital Media Center contains equipment necessary to create both Podcasts and Vodcasts, and to create other multimedia projects.  Associated with the Digital Media Center is an HP DesignJet 4520mfp Large Format Printer capable of producing posters up to 42 inches wide x the required length.  Students may print posters through their GoPrint accounts.  For assistance, visit the IT Support Center in the Library, Room KA-221 (2nd floor).

Equipment Tutorials and Documentation:

Mac OS versus Windows:  The Macintosh Workstations in the Digital Media Center are capable of operating in either the Mac OS environment or the Windows environment.  The full complement of software applications is available on both Mac OS and Windows environments. It is very easy to switch between environments if you prefer one over the other.  The systems are dual-bootable through Boot Camp.  All that is needed is a simple "Restart" to choose between the two operating systems.  For detailed instructions, click the following link:
How to Start the Mac Workstations in either Mac OS or Windows Environment

Equipment User Guides:

Mac 101:  Get started with the Mac - An excellent tutorial on the Mac OS for new users.
Switch 101: Migrate to Mac
- An excellent tutorial for Windows users switching to Mac OS.

Onyx 1220i 12-Channel Premium Analog Mixer with FireWire ... User Manual
Novation SL MkII 49-Key Midi Controller ... User Manual
Novation Automap Software and Automap Hardware drivers ... User Manual
Alesis USB Podcasting Kit ... User Manual (N/A)
M-Audio Studiophile BX5a Deluxe Studio Reference Monitors ... User Manual
Sure SM7B Vocal Microphone ... User Manual
Sony MDR-7506 Headphones ... User Manual (N/A)
Wacom intuos4 Tablet ... User Manual
JVC HD Video Camera ... User Manual
HP 5590 Flatbed Scanner ... User Manual

Podcast Creation Tutorials:

Podcast Training PowerPoint Fall 2010 Rev. 2

Creating GREAT Student Podcast Projects: The Podcast Creation Process

Audacity: How to install and configure Audacity to create Podcasts
Audacity and LAME: Instructions to install and configure Audacity with LAME Encoder to export MP3 files
Create a Podcast - Process: Creating a simple Podcast in Audacity

Vodcast Creation Tutorials:

Windows Movie Maker: Using Windows Movie Maker to make a Video
JVC Video Camera: Convert video files from JVC GZ-HD300 Video Camera to AVI format


If you need additional help, please don't hesitate to come to the IT Support Center in room KA-221 in the Library, or call (765) 455-9589.