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Now is the time to develop and improve those skills that will be necessary to start your future career! If you are experiencing problems and need help with your technology skills, IT Training provides tutoring on the topics most important for your success as a student: OneStart®, Oncourse, IU Kokomo Student E-mail, the Microsoft Office Suite, and the Adobe CS tools.  Many convenient tutoring options are available, and they are all available at  NO CHARGE!!!  Instructor-Led Training Workshops, One-on-One Tutoring, Online Tutorials, and!  Check out all of our training options and tutorials below!

The mission statement of UITS-Kokomo IT Training is: Remove technology roadblocks to enable academic and work-related student success!

NOTE:  The tutorials that we write for the benefit of students, faculty, and staff, are intellectual property of Indiana University.  Because these documents are stored on a secure server, users are required to log in and authenticate with university credentials (username and passphrase) to access these documents.  If a Log in dialog box similar to the one shown below displays, the username must be specified as "ads\username" (double-quotes omitted)... the characters "ads\" must precede the username, as shown below.  Then, enter the associated passphrase and click OK.

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PREREQUISITES!!  Most all college courses today rely heavily on technology, which is tightly integrated into the course environment.  UITS-Kokomo IT Training wants to emphasize that students need a good foundation of technology skills and equipment properly configured to be successful.  The elements of this "good foundation" are highlighted in the PREREQUISITES section below!  Please review all topics in that section to make sure that you are ready for classes! 

To be successful at IU Kokomo, every student must...  Have proper equipment, and then have the necessary computer skills.  UITS-Kokomo IT Training can help!

What Laptop should I purchase?  Most students have their own laptops, but may have questions about which one to buy.  Guidance is provided to help each student choose a laptop that meets their need.

Get your Laptop Set up... Each and every student needs to have their laptop properly set up for classes at IU Kokomo.  This includes the installation of several software programs that are needed in every course on campus. 

Each and every student will be using the Web-based OneStart and Oncourse tools during their academic career at IU Kokomo...

OneStart is the universal student portal to all services used by students.  OneStart is also used for course enroll/drop/add, tuition billing statements, academic transcripts, along with many other essential student services. 

Oncourse is the universal Web application used for all classes.  Students access course syllabi, download and submit course assignments, participate in forum discussions, view their grades online, and much more! 

Expand the sections below (gray bars with blue links) to get detailed information on each of these important topics!

What Laptop should I purchase for classes? Hardware/Software Recommendations

The following guidelines provide information for the question "What laptop should I purchase [for my student] to use at IU Kokomo?"  This question relates to hardware guidelines - system requirements - and are independent of brand.  The specific laptop chosen is a combination of these "system requirements" plus personal preferences related to things like (1) a Windows laptop versus an Apple Macbook laptop, (2) the "feel" of the keyboard, (3) the "size" of the screen, (4) the "weight" of the laptop - consider carrying it around to classes all day, and (5) what is the "best deal" for price and support.  One purchasing a laptop must consider all of these questions when making a decision. 

There are two important considerations:  Hardware and Software. 

First of all, do not purchase any software.  Currently enrolled students of Indiana University - including IU Kokomo - may download at NO CHARGE all of the software needed for most classes.  Do not purchase any software until checking IUware at  IUware benefits to students, faculty, and staff represents a savings of hundreds of dollars (e.g. Microsoft Office) to thousands of dollars (e.g. Adobe Creative Suite).  Antivirus software is also available at NO CHARGEDo not purchase any software until checking IUware.

And for hardware - laptops and workstations - the hardware system requirements are the same at all IU campuses.  The following IU Knowledge Base articles may be helpful: “Computer Guide” for IU Students “Computer Guide: Deals by Vendor”… discounts on computer hardware “At IU, where can I find information about buying computer hardware and software?” “Computer Guide: Recommendations and common questions” (System Requirements are in this document) “At IU, how can I get university-distributed software?”… Software at NO CHARGE for IU students!

It should be noted that the discounts available to students through manufacturer Web sites/online stores (e.g. HP, Dell, Apple, and Sony) are specifically through those online stores.  In general, those discounts cannot be combined with a product purchase through physical stores.  One purchasing a laptop must comparison shop the pricing deals online versus deals in the local store.

When choosing a laptop, consider purchasing the extended warranty.  Occasionally, equipment fails.  IU Kokomo does not have any hardware repair service.  Students with failed laptops must work through the store from which the equipment was purchased - online versus local store.  Having a warranty for the equipment could avoid hundreds of dollars in repair costs.

The choice between a Windows-based laptop and an Apple Macbook is either (1) personal preference, or (2) related to whether the user is heavy into graphics and music, which is the general decision point for Windows-based computers versus Mac computers.  The average general user will be just fine with a Windows-based computer, while the user with professional graphics/music needs may lean towards Mac computers.  Again, cost will be a factor in this decision.

Back to software... IU Kokomo provides a "Get your Laptop Set Up for Classes at IU Kokomo" service to students.  The cost of the procedure is NO CHARGE.  You can read about it in the expandable topic section of this Web page directly below this topic.  This is an important service for students.  Without this procedure, students risk getting to class and finding out that they do not have a particular software tool to do an assignment.  Or, they may find that they have out-dated software, or their laptop is in need of updates and service packs.  Coming to IT Training to have this procedure performed eliminates all of this worry... with the procedure done, students simply go to class, turn on their laptop and get to work!  We recommend having this procedure performed during the two-week period prior to beginning of classes to ensure the latest software is installed!  Appointments are strongly recommended, because of the volume of students requesting this procedure. 

For all questions about student laptops and software, and also for making an appointment for getting your [student's] laptop set up for classes, contact IT Training at (765) 455-9425, option 2!  The IT Support Center is in the IU Kokomo Library, 2nd floor, Room KA-221, and is open Monday-Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm.  Appointments can be made to accomodate a student's availability and needs.

Get your Computer Skills ready for Classes at IU Kokomo!

The college experience today employs a robust set of technology resources:  Most assignments require research papers formatted properly to MLA, APA, Chicago, or Turabian style!  Presentations are expected to be of professional quality and include graphics, and possibly embedded audio narrations, videos, and timed slide transitions!  Most IU courses are transitioning to the use of eTexts!  Online courses are totally online!  At IU Kokomo, student class projects require full-size posters, 36" x 48" printed on a wide-format printer!  At IU Kokomo, students now have the ability to "instant message" their instructors and IT Training!

All IU Kokomo students must be technology literate to be successful in class.  They must have the proper computer skils to make effective use of computers, university web services, basic software applications, and technology appropriate to their disciplines or fields.  Future employers of IU Kokomo graduates expect them to come prepared with the technology skills to do their job effectively and efficiently. 

Faculty and staff must also maintain their skills to be proficient in their job environment and work assisgnments.

Are your computer skills up to date?  Do you need training?  UITS-Kokomo IT Training can help!

The first step is to assess your skills.  Take the following computer skills assessment.  If you feel you fall short of being able to perform most, if not all, of the skills in this assessment, please come to IT Training!  We can help!  We will set up a tutoring plan to enable your competitiveness in today's computer skill-demanding class environment!

Take the self-assessment:  Computer Skills Checklist

Be honest with yourself during this assessment!  If you can't *demonstrate* the skill, then IT Training can help!

Onestart & Oncourse online training resources

OneStart Tutorials (online) ... This online document is a great place to start learning how to use OneStart!
OneStart Tutorial (interactive)

Oncourse Tutorials (online) ... This online document is a great place to start learning how to use Oncourse!
Oncourse Features (online) ... multimedia videos about *all* Oncourse features!

Back up your important data on a regular basis!

Everyone at IU Kokomo has important computer data that they consider critical to their work.
- Students spend long hours creating research papers and class projects
- Faculty maintains data important to their courses - administrative data (grades, etc.), course content and examples of good academic work, and also artifacts and examples that relate directly to their course topics.
- Staff maintains important mission critical data.

... and everyone has important personal data, including personal pictures and documents, music, videos, and so on. 

Are we good at making backups of all our important data?  I know that all of us have lost computer data at one time or another as a result of a computer crash, a failed or lost USB Flash drive, or maybe even the failure or loss of an electronic device such as a personal cell phone.

Here is an interesting posting in The Protect IU Blog... Watch the video in this blog posting about Pixar's experience.

Learn to keep backups of your important data!  Keep multiple copies of important files!

How do you back up your data?
- USB Flash drive?
- Oncourse "My Workspace" Resources (2GB)
- Box? (50 GB) - Free online "cloud" storage through Indiana University!... check out the Box tutorial below in the "TASK-BASED TRAINING MODULES..." section!
- University network drive?

There are many options... don't risk losing important data, files, projects... BACK UP today!

If you need assistance backing up your files, contact IT Training!  We can help!

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