Performance Management

Indiana University supports a performance management program for its exempt and non-exempt staff. The Supervisor's Guide to Performance Management provides additional information to assist supervisor's in documenting and evaluating job performance, and in how to conduct a performance evaluation meeting.

Effective two-way communication between managers and staff is necessary to create and maintain a productive work environment. Meaningful feedback helps to ensure mutual understanding of work responsibilities and performance expectations and to foster employee development. Performance management emphasizes a continuous process of planning, communication, evaluation, and development.


A performance management program should include:

  1. Timely and effective feedback - to enhance two-way communication regarding all aspects of job performance
  2. Goal and objective setting - to clarify job expectations and performance standards
  3. Development - to plan, discuss, and implement professional development


Performance management must be based on criteria and standards that reflect the unique requirements of each position. The focus must be on behaviors and outcomes rather than on personality characteristics.

A performance managment program should provide feedback to employees. Employees will receive a copy of any document that is completed as part of this process. If the process includes written supervisory comments, employees will have the opportunity to include their own written comments.

Employees should complete the Performance Management Process Form prior to meeting with their supervisor.The supervisor should review this document prior to meeting with the employee and complete their portion of the form.

Following the evaluation discussion, the forms should be sent to the Human Resources Office.

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