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Yearly Employee Events

Spring Convocation 2014 - Years of Service Awards

Five Years - Keith Lindley, Vinny Vincent, Carlos Zapata

Ten Years - Zane Barber, Cheryl Currens, Mike Lynch, Heidi Sebastian

Fifteen Years - Deb Carlson, Cathy Valcke

Twenty Years - Robert Helms, Nicole Houston, John Sarber

Twenty-Five Years - Sharon Calhoon, Sara Deyo, Cheryl Little, Joyce Webb, Bridget Whitmore

Thirty Years - Lynda Narwold

Thirty-Five Years - Diane Bever

Campus Picnic 2013 - Employees of the Year

Professional Staff - Cheryl Schlemmer

Clerical/Technical - Tara Grant

Service Maintenance - Rusty Padgett

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